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Copy of The King thai project

thai project with kez, hanse, and jenny

Jenny Conrad

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The King thai project

King Bhumibol Adulyadej
By Jenny, Keza, and Hanse
The King's Music
he founded the 'Aw Saw' Band, and , in 1952, he set up a broadcasting station named 'Radio Aw Saw' within the palace grounds. For the next 20 years, before the popularity of television, 'Aw Saw' played big band music regularly each Friday. The programme known as 'Aw Saw Wan Suk' were broadcast live to the general audience. Requests for musical numbers were accepted by telephone, and often, it was His Majesty who answered the telephone calls.
His Majesty's musical training started while he was a schoolboy in Switzerland. He attended lessons in classical music and musical notation for two years. His interest in jazz developed during this early period. He studied the works of famous jazz musicians comparing their divers styles of musical expression. He soon played along with recordings of Sidney Bechet's soprano saxophone, Johny Hodges' alto saxophone and Duke Ellington's piano music.
The King's musical background
His Races
His Majesty the King started to build his first Enterprise Class boat on the 7th. of December, 1964. The 'Rajptain' was built to international specification. His Majesty used this boat to race against the Duke of Edinburgh during his visit to Thailand in 1965. The course was from Pattaya to Koh Larn. He has played with many of the world’s most famous Jazz musicians such as Benny Goodman, Jack Teagarden, Lionel Hampton, and Stan Getz. His favourite sport is sailing, and He won the Southeast Asia Peninsula Games gold medal on 16 December 1967.
Thanks for watching!
The king played many instruments, including the guitar and piano. His favorites were saxophone, clarinet, trumpet. He is one of Thailand's best jazz musicians. The King has composed 43 musical works which rank among the most well known in the history of Thai contemporary music.
'Aw Saw' Band
His Majesty's Boats
The 'Mod' has an overall length of 11 feet, 4 feet 7 inches wide at the beam. It is single masted and has a sail area of 72 square feet

The 'Micro Mod' is a very small sailing dinghy suitable for children and persons of small status. It is 7 feet 9 inches long and 3 feet 4 inches wide.

The 'Super Mod' is a development of the 'Mod'. The length and sail area are unchanged, but the width has been increased to 4 feet 11 inches
His Majesty enjoys sailing. He constructed his own sailing boats and proved them in the pond of Chitrlada Palace. He has built three classes of sailing dinghies: the International Enterprise Class, International OK Class and International Moth Class.
Basic Information
Did you Know?
Our King’s complete name is: Phrabat Somdej Phra Paramindra Maha Bhumibol Adulyadej Mahitaladhibet Ramadhibodi Chakrinarubodindara Sayamindaradhiraj Boromanatbophit

His Majesty is currently the world’s longest-reigning monarch according to the Guinness Book of World Records 2006.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records 1998, His Majesty has been awarded more honorary academic degrees than anyone else in the world, a grand total of 136!
Long Live the King
The King's moments

Bhumibol Adulyadej is the reigning King of Thailand. He is known as Rama IX. Having reigned since 9 June 1946, he is the world's longest-serving current head of state and the longest-reigning monarch in Thai history.

Born: December 5, 1927 (age 86), Cambridge

Full name: Bhumibol Adulyadej

Spouse: Sirikit (m. 1950)

Siblings: Ananda Mahidol, Galyani Vadhana

Parents: Mahidol Adulyadej, Srinagarindra

Children: Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Maha Vajiralongkorn, Chulabhorn Walailak, Ubol Ratana
He has played with many of the world’s most famous Jazz musicians such as Benny Goodman, Jack Teagarden, Lionel Hampton, and Stan Getz.

In addition, he is a painter, photographer and best-selling author and translatBrozor. His translated works are "Tito" (The biography of Josip Tito, former Yugoslavia president, by Phyllis Auty) and "Nai In Phu Pid Tong Laang Phra" (The Man called Intrepid by William Stephenson). National best-seller "Phra Mahachanok" is based on a traditional Jataka story of Buddhist scripture. "The story of Thong Daeng" is the story of his dog Khun Thong Daeng. He suggested making this book into a bilingual comic illustrated by a nationally famous comic illustrator Chai Rajawat, and it sold out quickly.
He has played with many of the world’s most famous Jazz musicians such as Benny Goodman, Jack Teagarden, Lionel Hampton, and Stan Getz.
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