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Rocky Mountain National Park

No description

Olivia Tenaglia

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park
By Olivia Tenaglia
Period 3

Estes Park News
Physical- shows elevations, rivers and lakes
Political- shows states, national boundaries, cities, along with sites and trails in the park.

Golden Eagles dwell in these lands. This is the only place in the world where they are most common.
355 total miles worth of trails
The park was established in 1915
150 different lakes
60 types of mammals
280 species of birds
900 different plants
1000 US Highway 36, Estes Park
40 degrees North, 105 degrees West

About 80 miles south of the Wyoming border (Wyoming is directly north of Colorado)

The Rocky Mountains are popular for their mountain peaks and trails.
There are over 60 mountain peaks that reach over 12,000 feet high.

Fern Lake
Mummy Mountain
Longs Peak


Longs Peak Campground
Beaver Meadows Visitors Center
BlackHawk Lodges
Fern Lake

Fern Lake

Located in Larimer county, Colorado
Mummy Pass Trail, Poudre River Trail and Black Canyon Trail go through and around Fern Lake.
"Walk to End Alzheimers" one of the 10 walks for Alzheimers in Colorado.
Mummy Mountain
Heart of Mummy Range
8th highest peak within the borders of Rocky Mountain National Park
Not visited as often as other peaks in the Park
Elk, Bighorn Sheep, and the Mountain Lion.
Longs Peak
Colorado' s northernmost fourteener
15th highest peak in Colorado, along with the fact that it is the most popular climbing mountain in the state.
Longs Peak Campground
Longs Peak Campgrounds are very popular because of the fact that it is at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Here you are able to camp, river raft, fish, hike, nature walk and observe.
Human Environment Interaction
Neutral Aspects and Added Features
rest stops, lodges to eat and first aid
*Trail Ridge Cafe
*Rocky Mountain Gateway Gift Shop
Trails get made and worn down off the original trails.
Wildlife gets hurt on the trash and litter left by hikers and nature observers.
Pollution from trucks bringing trailers to campgrounds
Logging and making room for lodges, rest stops and campgrounds.
World wide attraction
#1 park in the U.S. for outdoor activities
Most wildlife that is seen here is not seen anywhere else in the United States
Has many different biomes; alpine tundra, plains, highlands and forests (alpine and montane)
*Out of National Park but located in Estes Park
The West
Cultural Aspects:
The state of Colorado is popular for its recreational and outdoor activities.
Mine Tours
The Arapaho
The Arapaho people originated in the Great Lakes area
then migrated southwest into the plains and mountains of Colorado. The Arapaho were known as "The Fighters" and "The Warriors".
Total Population: 5,000
In 1864 an attack by the Colorado military called the Sand Creek Massacre slowly made the small population of the Arapaho decrease.

How do you move around the Park?
Horseback riding
River rafting and boating (canoes and motor boats)
Bike (only 8,000 to 12,83 feet from the ground)
Movement of Goods
The Rocky Mountain Gateway Gift shop is actually located in Estes Park, Colorado.

3450 Fall River Road Estes Park, Colorado 80517

Goods that are brought to the gift shop.
Decorative Pillows

BlackHawk Lodges

Located 1/2 way between Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park
Picnic area overlooks Fall River
Some cabins have sleeping lofts
Outdoor hot tubs (sometimes Elk come by)
Beaver Meadows Visitors Center
Feed Mule Deer
Take a hike guided by a tour guide
Nature watch with a guide
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