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Native Pride: How to bring your whole self to college....

No description

Bengi Beyale

on 24 July 2015

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Transcript of Native Pride: How to bring your whole self to college....

Organizational habits
Dig into it...
Initiate change in your family, amongst your friends, your school and community.

Don't wait to ask what to do....be observant and figure out what needs to be done.

Get excited about your life.
How can you help?
But before you love the world...love yourself first!
Being able to bend...Resilience..
Native & Cultural Pride
: Bringing your full self to campus....

Get ready to jump
They teach us to follow rules
...Be bold
They teach us how to do what someone else says
...Be curious
They teach you how to be comfortable
...Be creative
Apply to internships or camps
Study abroad
Try something you fear everyday

Embrace your uniqueness
Comprehend what it means to still be here: your ancestors struggles but don't dwell on it.
Give back if you want

Rooted in your community...
Stay on task: remember why you're here
10/20 or 20/40
Find your study routine....music, candle, snacks, comfortable clothes, no distractions.
Establishing healthy habits: get rest, nutrition, socialize, & setting goals.
What you choose to see
Being Structured....
Bring love with you..
*Voice is speaking through words

*Don't silence yourself
It’s far too much to take in all at once, which means we need to consciously choose where we place our attention and how we perceive the things that we allow to hold our focus.
Manage stress
Examine your thoughts
Build a support network
Take care of yourself
Pursue your goals
Remember your 20 objects but it's ok if you lose them.
Reinvent yourself to new places
Create reminders to keep you on track
Hold to your morals..don't worry about fitting in..you don't FIT into anything
Ask for help
community development
Finding a cure
family ties
See the positive!!
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