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Physical Activity in Life

Will analyze how regualr physical activity will enhance and maintain health.

denise sciacca

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of Physical Activity in Life

Physcial Activity and Your Health Whatever your preference, regular physical activity enhances your health. What kind of physical activity do you enjoy? Physical Activity You exercise when playing sports or doing routine activiities Like walking the dog or washing the car. Physical Fitness the ability to carry out daily tasks easily and have enough reserve energy to respond to unexpected demands. is any form of movement that causes your body to use energy. Benefits of Physical Activity Makes the body stronger, increases your energy, and improves your posture. Cardiovascular System-Strengthens the heart muscle, allowing to pump more efficiently. Respiratory System- when engaged in regular physical activity, your respiratory system begins to work more efficiently- breather larger amounts of air, and the muscles used in repiration don't tire Nervous system- Helps you respond more quickly to stimuli and improve you reaction time. It is helpful when driving and cycling Benefits to Mental/Emotional Health Reduce stress
improve mood
sleep better
Decreas depression

Helping look and feel better-- self confidence
Sense of pride and accoplishment
Reduce mental fatigue brings more oxygen to brain and reduces cortisal
Give an I can do spirit

Benefits of Social Health Builds self confindence , which helps you cope better in social situations, like meeting people.

Giving the opportunity to interact and cooperate with others
helping you manage stress, which can enhance your relationships with others Risks of Physical inactivity Sedentary Lifestyle Negative affects may include unhealthful weight gain, which is linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes; decreased bone density (osteoporosis); reduced ability to manage stress; and decreased opportunities to meat active people. Physical activity Causes a person's metabolic rate to rise and the body to burn more calories that when the person is at rest. If someone burns more calories than she or he eats, the person will lose weight. Da!!!
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