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Hilton Hotel Analysis

Service Managament - final project

Sole Ferreira

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Hilton Hotel Analysis

(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Hilton Hotel: United States Group members Janet Antoine 00490026

Felix Anduray 00490240

Venel Geneus 00490204

Tatiana Nazare 00490106

Soledad Ferreira 00490345

Shelly Lee 00570280

Angelin Chiang 00570191

Linda Ding 00421332 Suggestions and Recommendations • Using proper technology to protect personal information (online transactions)

• Building customer relationships

• Maintain Cost reduction initiatives

• Expand their customer base: HOW? Conclusion H – Hospitality
I – Integrity
L – Leadership
T – Teamwork
O – Ownership
N – Now Hilton Hotel History 1919 1948 Televisions in guest rooms Multi reservation system 1947 The hotel pioneered the "airport hotel concept" 2008 First Hilton Hotel Conrad Hilton 1963 First hotel to be both:

+ Leadership in Energy

+ Environmental Design Hiltons Hotels and Resorts service overview • Be impeccable and Be innovative

• Business and leisure travelers

• Unique service and products Operations Management at the Hilton • Organizational culture

• Rigorous introduction

• High degree of customization

• Value-based pricing

• Long-term relationship

• Comfort Analysis Competitive services strategies SWOT Analysis * DIFFERENTIATION • The ONQ System

• The CRM
- Customers Really Matter Initiative

• The SALT Introduction


Hilton Hotel History

Service overview

Operations Management

SWOT Analysis

Competitive strategy: Differentiation

Suggestions and Recommendations


References Outline Introduce and understand:

* Hilton, service business

* Maintain market share

Differentiation strategy

Hilton vs Competitors Introduction and objective http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilton_Worldwide



http://web.mit.edu/wysockip/www/535/MIT2001/Hilton.pdf References Questions Thank you! 2001 A luxury
Opening the first airport hotel in San Francisco The #1 franchise opportunity in Entrepreneur Magazine
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