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Native American Tribes

By: Monique, Gio, and Addie

Addie Gaber

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Native American Tribes

Budapest San
Francisco Cheyenne Family Life Men- hunted buffalo
- hunters
- responsible for collecting food for family Women- if nomads women would build the house
- cooked, cleaned Cheyenne Clothing Cheyenne Arts and Crafts They made quill embroidery, did bead work, pipstone carvings and pottery Shawnee Family Life Men: hunters and warriors
Women: built lodges, dressed the game, cooked, planted, and made clothes and blankets
Children: were wild and free
-boys: participated in sports (running, swimming, archery)
-girls: spent time imitating mothers Shawnee Homes and Clothing Clothing:
-women wore skirts and leggings
-men wore breechcloths and leggings
- moccasins Shawnee Arts and Crafts -simple drawings (birds and people)
-made bark canoes, log dugouts, and burrow bowls
-made masks of wood
-bead work
-wood carvings Cheyenne Great Plains Shawnee Northeast Woodlands Apache Men -Apache men were hunters and warriors
-the men protected the family and tribe Apache Women -Apache women took care of the children and the extended family
-the extended family consists of a chief, 2 families, and a military Homes and clothing -the Apache lived in tepees and wickiup's
-Apache people wore animal hide for shirts, ponchos, skirts, and moccasins
-simple clothes also hung from the waist to the knees Women Clothes -Women wore buckskin skirts, knee high moccasins with hard soles Mens Clothes -wore knee high moccasins with hard soles Native American Tribe Cultures By: Monique, Gio, and Addie Apache arts and crafts -Apache are known for art and crafts -shells, coral, turquoise, silver, wood, amber, ivory, and different of animals were used for crafting
-dear skin storage bag and gourds made into cups were some of the things they made
-he Apache also made trays, bowls, basket, clothes, beads, and pottery Homes:
-lodges Men- wore moccasins
- breechcloths

women- deerskin dresses
- boots
- moccasins
-tipis or wigwam As you can see, the environment plays a major role in the culture of these three tribes. The way the Apache, Cheyenne, and Shawnee tribes dress, build their homes, obtain their food, and act are all dependent on their environment. Without these surroundings, these tribes would not have developed the types of beliefs and cultures that they did. Apache Southwest Thank You! (: Overview
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