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Westward Expansion

No description

Hannah Belcher

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Westward Expansion

There were many rumors about the west. Some men said, that there were unicorns, gargantuan woolly mastodons, seven-foot-tall beavers, and friendly, slim-waisted buffalo. Maps of the west were just as bad.
The Gadsden Purchase was made in 1853. It added about 30,000 square miles to the US territory.
Gadsden Purchase
Wilkinson's Report
Wilkinson reported to the Jefferson Foundation that there were many Osage Native Americans and that they were constantly at war with other Natives. He also reported word of lead mines and a salt encrusted prairie.
What were the Indians like?
What were their languages, their customs, their medical knowledge?
Jefferson wanted to know details about the plant and animal life.
He also wanted to know what the land was like.
Most of all, he wanted to know possibilities for trade.
Corps of Discovery
The Corps of Discovery were a small expeditionary group.
Their job was to explore the uncharted West.
The group was led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.
Westward Expansion
Made the Louisiana purchase for $15 million.
He believed that expansion made the US more successful and "healthy."
"Those who labor in the Earth, are the chosen people of God," he said.
That is why he believed so strongly in Westward Expansion.
Thomas Jefferson
For the next two years the Corps of Discovery explore the West. They travel thousands of miles. They experienced lands, people, and rivers that no other Americans have ever even seen.
Two Years
The territory of Louisiana was purchased from the French
From the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from Canada to New Orleans.
Doubled the size of the US
Hannah Belcher
William Clark
Meriwether Lewis
Questions from Jefferson
Other Expeditions
There were many other trips that took place to add to Westward Expansion. These expeditions were to the south of Louisiana, Kansas, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.
Lewis and Clark's Success
The Lewis and Clark expedition was the best and most successful trip. They gathered much information about northern Louisiana and gained Native Americans as friends.
Thanks for Watching

7 million people (40%) of the US's population lived in the west.
They were looking for economic opportunity.
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