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Maria Inês Magalhães

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Our

-Rocket Internet
Case questions

Rocket Internet is a start-up incubator and a venture capital firm

Founded in 2007 with headquarters in Berlin

The company was founded by the Samwer brothers

Oliver Samwer is the CEO of Rocket Internet

Network of companies in more than 100 countries
Rocket Internet
-Rocket Internet
Case questions
-Rocket Internet
Case questions
1. Based on the data, use frameworks and analyze the strategic capabilities of Rocket Internet:
a) What are its resources and competences?

Physical Resources
IT equipment, the Head Office in Berlin

Human Resources
Ambitious MBA-level graduates
« ‘execution entrepreneurs’ rather than ‘pioneering ones’ »

Organizational Resources
Informal and not hierarchy
highly performance working culture

Financial Resources
Start-ups investors, Kinnevik and JP Morgan
b) What are its threshold, distinctive and dynamic capabilities?
-Rocket Internet
Case questions
2. Based on answers to question 1, carry out a VRIO analysis. What do you conclude? To what extent does Rocket Internet have strategic capabilities with sustained competitive advantage?
The VRIO represents the basic
strategic process
of any company. It starts with a
statement, defining the objectives and performing an
external analysis
, in order to implement the strategy.

This will also help the company to take advantage of strengths and mitigate the effect of threats.
Rocket Internet’s model is characterized by letting other venture capitalists risk their capital when experimenting
new concepts
, and see which one of those ends up being a huge success, in order to then copy that model for presumably equal success.
3. What is the importance of the Samwers brothers? What would happen if they left or sold the company?
They started the business building a start-up incubator, launching clones of American shopping websites tailored to European consumers.
They are the real builders of this business, they had the idea of not having one but explore the existents at the limit to everywhere.
Mariana Ramos
Maria Inês Magalhães

Catarina Pereira
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