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Into Thin Air

No description

Ian Anderson

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Into Thin Air

Jon Krakauer INTO THIN AIR Introduction
I decided to read this book simply because it sounded interesting and like it had a very good first few pages. In addition, climbing Mt. Everest is likely something I will never do, so reading about it is made more interesting by that fact. Summary Jon Krakauer, a modest climber and reporter
wrote this story detailing his ascent of Mt. Everest. The year was 1996, and a tragedy was about to take place on the slopes. Most of his group managed to reach the summit, but not all made it back down alive. Read the Read the story to find out more. Strong Points This story had a deal of action, and suspense, and painted a vivid picture of what climbing Mt. Everest would really be like. Weak Points Climbing Mt. Everest apparently involves a great amount of time spent sitting around. These parts were not the most interesting to read. Also, due to the nature of the book, you cannot accurately tell what is happening to the other characters, and many loose ends are left. Things I learned 1. Climbing Mt. Everest is possible without using supplemental oxygen.
2. George Mallory, the man who said "Because it's there", did not actually succeed at climbing Everest.
3. The native name for Everest is Sagarmartha, among the sherpa, among others it is different.
4. Everest is not a particularly difficult climb, provided you have the correct supplies and a good guide.
5. The cost to join an Everest expedition in 1996 was 65,000 dollars. Current price is actually lower, with it being about 35,000 to join a seven person team. I am reasonably confident in the latter number as it comes from TIME's website.
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