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film trailer


connor blakey

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of film trailer

MOVIE TEASER TRAILER I needed to make a 'Teaser Trailer' for an advertising
package i was putting together for a film called Dusk. So i started by deconstructing two texts (the same two i used for my movie poster) which were

TWILIGHT NEW MOON I picked out the key features of the film, and spoke about what i wanted to keep and conform to, and what i'd change. I then shot the trailer, ad i'll now discuss how i challenged media
conventions the twilight trailer only featured parts from the start of the film
and this is unusual for a trailer, but something i wished to emulate
as i've insisted throughout the process on giving nothing away about the movie from my products, so in one sense, it's very unusual, but i've found the technique effective before. i used a media technique more often seen in nature documentaries,
that being taking a video shot and speeding it up (7 minutes) into around
5 seconds, to show a passing of time, this isn't normally shown in trailers,
but i feel it added to the continuity demonstrated in the trailer. i used a piano backing track, only fading when there was speech present in the trailer,
this was uncommon, but i felt it my best option, given limited options for audio. I had
a friend compose, and play a piece, with a brief of 'a song that would evoke sadness,
mystery and uncertainty' i'm pleased with the track. the film was shot with a mini-dv camera and i used
final cut pro as my editing suite, which is a popular
choice for professional editing.
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