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Topic 2: Communicative competence

Official Curriculum Foundations I

Antonio Gómez Vélez

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Topic 2: Communicative competence

Fundamentos del Currículum I
Topic 2

"Communicative competence"
Canale and Swain
Grammatical competence.
Sociolinguistic competence.
Discourse competence. *
Strategic competence.
an idealized capacity that is located as a psychological or mental property or function
the production of actual utterances
"knowing the language"
"doing" something with the language
not only an inherent grammatical competence but also the ability to use grammatical competence
in a variety of communicative situations
Communicative competence
knowledge of linguistics and sociolinguistics conventions
Communicative competence
"the ability to function in a truly communicative setting – that is, in a dynamic exchange in which linguistic competence must adapt itself to the total informational input, both linguistic and paralinguistic, of one or more interlocutors”

"OK, now move your cursor over and choose the scene from the menu."

"From the what?"

"The menu."

"Menu? Why do they call it a menu?"

"Well, 'cause you choose from a list. Just like in a restaurant. A menu."

"Oh, OK."
"Hello Mr. Patterson, thanks for dropping by. I've reviewed your bank statement and... "

(interrupts) "Dude, you gonna ask me a bunch of lame questions?"

"Ah...lame questions...uhm...I don't know, uhm...well, I DO have a few more questions."

"Well, make it fast 'cause I am on a tight schedule!"
"I told 'em about it."

"Told who about what? "

"John and Mike about the report. And he wasn't happy about it?"

"Who wasn't happy?"

"Mike wasn't."
He eated the ice cream.

She no think you right.
Strategic competence
knowledge of verbal and non-verbal communication strategies that are recalled to
compensate for breakdowns in communication due to insufficient competence in one or more components of communicative competence
Sociolinguistic competence
knowledge of rules and conventions which underlie the appropriate comprehension and language use in different sociolinguistic and sociocultural contexts

Discourse competence
mastery of rules that determine ways in which forms and meanings are combined to achieve a meaningful unity of spoken or written texts
Grammatical competence
mastery of the linguistic
code (verbal or non-verbal) which includes vocabulary knowledge as well
as knowledge of morphological, syntactic, semantic, phonetic and orthographic
rules. This competence enables the speaker to use knowledge and skills needed for
understanding and expressing the literal meaning of utterances

Bachman and Palmer
Language competence.
Sociolinguistic competence.
Pragmatic competence.
Official Curriculum (ESO)
"Competencia en comunicación lingüística"
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