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Happy 50th Birthday Dad

No description

Cheryl Nordal

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Happy 50th Birthday Dad

Happy 50th Birthday! The Life and Times of Raymond W. Nordal Classic Ray Radical

LIVE LONG AND PROSPER Sayings Little Ray Young Raymond Raymond in his Prime Ray loves his kids “It’ll melt in your mouth.”

“That’s what I'm sayin!”

"Dad’s tired, but Dad’ll see ya in the mornin."

"Cheryl, get Dad a beer, Dad’s had a long day."

"Gotta eat it up."

Usual Sayings… The Classic… “Oooh Siscos. Sisco likes her bum scratches.” “Come on everyone we gotta eat this up, don’t want
any left overs.” A lovely Christmas feast, everyone is awaiting eagerly to eat the delicious food when all of a sudden… The Many Sayings of Raymond W. Reaching for a refill
on the Bowron
Lake Chain. Raymond is stylin’
with his white
sport socks! Scouting out the terrain
in the Norwegian fjords for
potential mountain bike rides. And that helmet... Family Cook Off
2012 Winner! Remember that time when
Ray peed himself? Bowron
2012 Raymond pondering over the fresh oysters
"Hooow they’re rich, I wouldn't get these oysters again, but they're not bad… Brock you finish 'em off." Christmas 2011 Beaver Mouth 2008 Hallis Lake 2006 Only the most stylish haircuts for this family :) Zzzz.... Christmas
2011 Roundtop Mountain 2010 Bowron Lake
- Chain Isaac River
2009 Bowron Chain Indianpoint Lake 2012 This hairstyle hasn't changed since 1962...Yes everyone, Ray was actually born with this hair :) Roundtop Mountain Hallis Lake Christmas 2012 "It's just around the next corner."

"Lets give it a good push up the next hill."


"Brock, come and give Dad a hand."

"Gotta watch out for those nitrates."

"Deneen, use the walla wallas."

"Nicole, get outta that Jello tree."
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