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Motivations and Values of Characters in 'Lord of the Flies.

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jeremy chait

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Motivations and Values of Characters in 'Lord of the Flies.

Motivations and Values of Characters in 'Lord of the Flies.
Piggy's Values - Orderly, smart, independent and mature.
Ralph's Values - Responsible, good leadership skills and strict.
Rogers Values - physical, 'evil', tribal and mysterious.
Simon's values - caring, nice, helpful and unselfish.
Piggy is considered as a follower because no one except Ralph acknowledges him. He is the target of teasing. He responds to this by accepting that he is fat and the victim of bullying, but later in the book he stands up for himself, only to be bludgeoned and killed by a rock. Piggy's motives are to ensure safety amongst the group of boys, so they have a better chance of surviving.
Jack's values - Individualism, not trustworthy, selfish and irresponsible.
Jack is considered as a leader - who eventually gains everyone's trust, when they all join his tribe (his hunting tribe). His motives are to hunt and have fun. He thinks that as long as they are on the island, rescued or not, they should make the most of it and have fun, with no adults on the island. He stands by his motives and others follow.
Ralph's motives are to get saved and act responsibly by doing as much as possible to survive and get rescued. He strictly stands by his motives but it doesn't work in the end as Jack gains trust from the group of followers. Ralph is considered as a leader: he was voted for chief in the first place, after all.
Roger is considered as a follower, because he is inspired by Jack's tribal, evil behavior. Although he plays a major part in the novel by killing Piggy, he still was a follower. He is a 'littleun' but he has big motives - to kill and to harm. He kills and harms pigs, but did so to Piggy as well.
Simons motives are to help and survive (as well as helping others survive). An important quote from Simon is - "You'll get out alright". He said that to Ralph. Eventually he got killed by 'The Lord of the Flies' - a pig's head that Simon was imagining (hallucinating). He is considered as a follower - a follower to help the true leader survive.
Thanks for Watching!!!
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