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News and Media

No description

Manzuma H

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of News and Media

News and Media
by Manzuma Hasan, Saloni Khamar & Mehar Duggal

Thanks for watching!
What the government knows:
What we are told:
George Orwell
-works in Ministry of Truth
-very intelligent about his work
-still hates the society he lives in
-he would definitely be biased towards the news in today's world
-works Big Brother in Inner Party

-All media in 1984 loves Big Brother and promotes the government. Whereas today, there are multiple sides a news channel can take. Winston would probably feel frustrated and helpless from the different opinions.
-novelist and journalist
-producer in BBC in 1941
-in charge of propaganda during WW I I but quit because he didn't enjoy it
-1984 published in 1949
-would probably be a spy/politician today
-deceiving, cunning, intelligent
-sees Big Brother for who he is but agrees with him
Does anybody even know exactly who Big Brother is?
The Ministry of Love
Not everyone in the novel knows what the Ministry of Love does, but no one questions it either.
The government has all the accurate and factual information.
They decide what should be given out to the media and what should remain disclosed.
Similar to 1984.
Bits of the puzzle.
Each bit is different and somewhat biased due to the news/media's network.
Almost never solely facts
-would agree with how some of the news is concealed
-would believe that the less we knew, the better off we are
Person # 1
This reporter is a relative of the John whose house recently burnt down.
Scenario: A house is burnt down due to John Doe forgetting to turn off the stove before leaving his house. Listen to the three reports speak and try to figure out the reason behind their version of the events.
Person # 2
This reporter works for a national television channel that has thousands of viewers.
Person # 3
The third reporter is an investor in the rival insurance company that refuses to cover John for his house expenses.
In Today's news...
Role of Media in 1984
Due to the fact that there is no media in 1984, all the information and news is revealed only from one source- the government. This signified that only one side of the story would be told and the public would be forced to believe it. The lack of media was a contributing factor that brainwashed the people of The Party.
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