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No description

Nathan Sarmiento

on 25 November 2016

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Transcript of RoosterTeeth

Who are they?
- Event Day - November 28th 2013 (Thanksgiving)
- What did you think of the presentation?
- Did I hit the target market?
- Would you buy this product?
- Would you recommend the product?
- From the presentation, would you attend RTX?
- Is there room for improvement?
Promotional Plan
Roosterteeth is a company that started in April 1st 2003
It was founded by five friends who played a game of Halo.
Michael 'Burnie' Burns

Gustavo Sorola

Matt Hullum

Geoffrey 'Lazer' Ramsey

Joel Heyman

Last Season
This Season
Celebrating 5 Years of Achievement Hunters
Season 11
Launch of Lets Play Channel on YT
- Highly Internet based
- RT Website: 1,551,484, Members
- Facebook : 1,178,508 Likes
- Twitter: 343K Followers
- Youtube: 6mil Subscribers
- Community

Personal Selling
Roosterteeth Store
Sales Promotion
- T-Shirt Tuesday
- Sponsorship
- Promo Codes
- Exclusive Items
- RWBY Shirts, DVDs and Merch
- RVB Season 11 shirts, DVDs and Merch
- Lets Play Shirts
- Highly Community Based
- Weekly Community Playdates
AHWU & RT Recap
Trade Fairs
- RTX in Sydney (Sydney Convention Center)
- RT Members & Celebrities - Elijah Wood, Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies) in Sydney
- Show bags per person including (500ppl):
-RWBY shirts & DVDs
-RVB season 11 shirts &DVDs
-Lets Play shirts
- Sponsors only
- Childs play Auction
- Interaction (Lets Plays, Shorts, Q&A,
Live Podcast)
- Vendors
- Gamers, Bloggers, Media
-Cosplayer Models
-2 Weeks Prior - Set Up (Show bags, Screenings, Vendors) Guest Arrive (RT, Celebrities)
-Year 2011/2012 Venue Hire

-January 2013 - RTX Sydney
Announced (Podcast, Website
AHWU, RT Recap)
-March - Order Mass
-RWBY DVDs & Shirts
-RVB S11 DVDs & Shirts
-Lets Play Shirts
- After party
Venue Hire = $350,000
Merchandise = $250,000
Sponsorship = $100,000
Hire Models = $10,000
Set-up Crew + Security = $70,000
RT Members + Celebrities = $300,000
Vendors + Merch =
Equipment = $230,000
Film Crew = $45,000
After Party = $175,000
Statues = $250,000
Total so far =$2,000,000

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