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EuroTrade - Hedge Presentation

No description

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of EuroTrade - Hedge Presentation

How they do it ?
They understood the opportunity, the system and the simple and logical way of protecting, increasing and securing their business from today’s economic conditions. How their doing it ?The answer stays in this Investment.
Dear Business Owner,
We are pleased to welcome you in our company
is presenting you the most effective way of
your business in a very short time.

financial instrument

How connected are you with your business ?
with your clients ?
with your suppliers ?
with your competition ?
With all your business stakeholders on which you depend ?
as you are with they as
you are with they
But are they the only factors that influences your business ?
We think there are few more of them.
Take a look
Price of Crude Oil goes up

Trading balance
Political conflicts
When the price of all your
Prime materials are going up
Usually your only way of covering the loss is by raising the final price of the product that you sell or compromising the quality by using cheaper materials.
Let's take an example. The simple as we can take. A product that the most of the people are using
Bread producers sell their products under a specific price quoted by the government.
That means you cannot sell your bread more
expensive than the rest of producers.

If the price of the wheat or flour is going up with 10% this year, all bread producers are losing at least 10% when they buy the raw materials

They are using lower quality flour which is more cheap.


They are producing a bread of 400 grams, instead of making it at 500 grams in order to recover those 10%.

To cover that loss, they increase the price at maximum level or they make a compromise on
Low Quality Bread
But what if you can avoid and prevent all of these ?
This kind of methods on reducing the quality of products because the influencing factors are not recommended for your clients. The customer is becoming smarter and smarter every day. Once he discovers this, he not only go to the competition, but spread the word about you and your company
Yes you can !
Hedge Portfolio on the International Stock Markets in order to protect their business by the prices volatility
Smart Entreprenurs use
Bread Factory
Bread Factory
Smart Entrepreneurs
The smart Businessman's are buying Grain on the Stock Market when the price is going up, so what is lost in their business, they recover it with the Market Investment , by canceling the
-10% loss
in their business with a
+10% profit
in the
. More than that, he is keeping the same price of bread, same quality and same specific grain.

The grain side of the business
Price of grain + 10 % on the stock market
The bread side of the business
+10 % of profit from trading
Loss in your business. You but grain at + 10 % more expensive
- 10 % loss from your business
Instead, his competition who’s not investing on the Stock Market, to protect their business , will increase prices, lower the quality and guess were all competition’s clients will go ?

Happy Customers
Unhappy Customers
Your company
: Same quality, Same price
Your competition
: Lower Quality or Higher price
Yes, you can
cover losses
increase sales
double the number of clients
and make a small but constant
from this investment!
Smart Entrepreneurs
How ? By joining us Today
Open a Personal Trading Account, make a deposit and start trading, together with your Personal Trading Specialist
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