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Lit The God Stealer


Cathy Martos

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Lit The God Stealer

Fransico Sionil Jose The God Stealer The God Stealer Main Characters: Philip Latak - also known as Ip-pig
-tried his luck in Manila and was able to meet
Sam Christie- an American who wanted to buy an Ifugao god
Sadek- Philip's brother
Grandfather- keeper of the Ifugao god Philip was Sam's assistant and best friend. Before taking his leave and returning to Boston, Sam wanted to see the Rice Terraces so Philip took him to his hometown. He wanted an Ifugao god to go with his authentic stuff like the Japanese sword and Thai mask. Summary: Arriving in his village, they met Philip's brother, Sadek. Sam also met Philip's nieces and nephews who did not even recognize their uncle. Philip thinks that his relatives hated him for leaving the Ifugao life. They attended a feast for his grandfather
wanted to see Philip. His grandfather prayed to their Ifugao god pouring blood on it and thanking it for bringing his grandson back. Sam was entertained by Ifugao dances and songs but when he got bored he returned to the boarding house.
Philip followed him and gave him the god that he stole for him. Sam had an argue with Philip for he wanted him to return it. The next day, Sadek informed Sam that Philip's grandfather died because the god was stolen. Philip told Sam that he would never go back to Manila because he was the reason why his grandfather died. Philip was determined to create a new god to replace the one he stole. Comprehension Questions:
1. What symbolisms are found in the names of Sam Christie and Philip Latak?
-Philip's name is from the word PHILIPPINES
-Sam's name is from Uncle Sam that represents United States
2. What is a prose allegory? What does Sam and Philip, represent?
A prose allegory is an extended narrative in prose or verse in which characters, events, and settings represent abstract qualities Sam represents the "colonizer." He represents his tendency of having the center for power.
Philip represents the "colonized." He betrayed his relatives and even disregarded their traditions for the sake of his friend's benefit
3. Meaning of "You can buy everything, even gods."
Sam did not respect the traditions and values Philip and his tribe believes in. He thinks that with money, he can get whatever he wants. Sam said that he wouldn't return to Boston until he gets his Ifugao god because it will remind him of Philip. Philip thinks that he owes Sam a lot and wanted to show his gratitude by stealing an idol for him. Sources:
http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_Analysis_of_God_stealer Thank you for listening :* Theme -"Utang na loob"
or reciprocity
-Losing one's culture
and heritage
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