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What is Contemplative Education?

No description

Jamison Stone

on 19 August 2011

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Transcript of What is Contemplative Education?

life Method of Cultivating the Mind “intellect and intuition" the spark of East and West To you, what does
this mean? On the Naropa Website you will find this definition: Contemplative education is learning infused with the experience of
awareness, insight and compassion for oneself and others, honed
through the practice of sitting meditation and other contemplative
disciplines. The rigor of these disciplined practices prepares the
mind to process information in new and perhaps unexpected ways. Contemplative practice unlocks the power of deep inward observation not the act of contemplation alone that makes Contemplative education so unique Informed by ancient Eastern educational philosophies What is
Contemplative Education? The fruits of spiritual practice breathes new life into our academic endeavors The Contemplative Professor mind analytical reasoning personal discovery academic disciplines – the arts, sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the professions Academic Excellence Who am I? What does freedom mean? How do I lead a life worth living? How can I be of service to society? In contrast, these questions, however, are very difficult to approach
in a traditional higher education curriculum. transcending the belief that knowledge arises in the thinking mind only Whole Person Education ‘have you practiced so long to learn to read? Have you struggled so hard to get to the meaning of poems?' creativity, empathy, motivation, and insight a deep and personal understanding of the embodied relevancy that material has on their lives Mindfulness Awareness Practices Sitting Meditation, T’ai-Chi Ch’uan, Aikido, Yoga,
Prayer,Chanting, Chinese Brushstroke and Ikebana the goal of a Naropa education is not to nurture the solitary contemplative only to put their wisdom and insight into practice through creative,
helpful and effective action. That without the insight of spiritual practice
there would be no union between “intellect and intuition.” How do you understand and experience this? Mind
Body experience she asked Naropa the following questions Question 1:
“What I care about is _____”
“What is alive for me in pursuing a degree is…”
(3 mins each) Question II:
“How has exploring this topic changed and transformed you?”
(3 mins each) Question III:
“How has exploring this topic opened you beyond yourself to a sense of larger meaning or mystery or interdependence or spirituality?”
(3 mins each)
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