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Casey Short

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Advent

Advent Conspiracy
The Reinvention IDEA UNO IDEA UNO IDEA DOS Social
Media Radio Church
Relations GFA's Current Audience Advent
Conspiracy Harvest Newsletter Direct Mail Send/Annual Report Calendar Email WEB The Christian Audience Will Advent Conspiracy be a revamp of the Christmas
Catalog with a few additional marketing materials? The Christian Audience Social
Media Radio Church
Relations GFA's Asset ONE Advent
Conspiracy Harvest Newsletter Direct Mail Send/Annual Report Calendar Email WEB A new message. Designed for name acquisition
and church leads. What coluld it look like? 2010 2011 2012 1. Hire an outside marketing firm.

2. Select name and create website.

3. Have marketing firm redesign the
Christmas catalog and create the marketing materials. Enough for
30 churches.

4. Hand select 30 churches as a test
market for 2010.

5. Engage test market. 1. Using the 2010 test market acquire
content to "seed" the social dialogue
(i.e. interviews, testimonials, quotes)

3. Complete new marketing materials.

2. Engage selected GFA churhces with the
program's new catalog and marketing materials.

3. Make materials available free of charge
to all churches and ministries that want to
be involved. Passiavely engage new churches. Actively Engage new churches. Will that work with the audience who
engages with this? or this... GFA ASSET TWO Email Social
Media WEB Church
Relations Well... to start. It's foundation
would be Being a people who work
together with the Body of Christ. Core Value 10. Christmas Catalog I like to look at GFA's message as an asset, a piece of real-estate in the Christian audience. I propose we acquire more of these assets. By offering other ministries incentives similar to the raido prgram we can have our co-laborers champion our message. Christmas Catalog Banners Catalog Downlodable
PDFS Videos or this... Current Message 2006 - $579,463 2007 - $1,925,116 2008 - $6,456,932 1,014 Percent
Increase! Charity Water Here are a few examples
taken from the auto industry. Here is one taken to the extreme. Free
Resources Here are examples of the exact same
products with a different message. Chevy Prizm. Toyota Corolla. Honda Passport Isuzu Rodeo Honda Acura Lexus Toyota Infinity Dodge Sprinter Mercedes Sprinter This strategy is called "Badge Engineering." Downloadable Items Message One Message Two Dodge Sprinter or Mercedes Sprinter - Same Product Different Audience Nissan
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