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The Incredible plants and animals of the rainforest

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on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of The Incredible plants and animals of the rainforest

The Incredible Plants and Animals of the Rainforest!
By: Peyton
3rd grade
Ms. Lisa
This is the amazing amazon rainforest!
The place where your dream comes alive!
This is an incredible chimpanzee
It swings through the rain forest
tree to tree from vine to vine
This is a rain forest morpho butterfly.
As they fly through the understory they use mimicry
This is the medical conditioning
rosy periwinkle
It can cure cancer.
Please remember. . .
This is the breath-taking emerald boa
as it slithers across the tree it camouflages to attack it's prey
These are the the rain forest layers
this is technically the map of the rain forest
Thank you for watching!
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