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Marketing Plan

About Marketing for Housing at the University of Arkansas

Kent Perrodin

on 5 January 2011

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Transcript of Marketing Plan

University Housing
Marketing Plan what are we really doing?
is what we're doing different than
what we (personally or as a
department) want or need to do? is it Marketing? is it Communications? is it something else? marketing developing advantages in an
open market

activities that cause the unit to
gain a competitive edge communications meaning is defined and shared

developing/maintaining a quality product: facilities creature comforts
access contract & room/
roommate selection visibility
reliability distribution/place service & facilities where & when the students want them navigatable website
building locations on campus
special living options
meeting rooms
program space
transportation and parking strategy elements marketing axiom people will give up something they have
for something else they would rather have University Housing is committed to providing a
quality living and learning environment that both
challenges and supports the personal, social, and
academic development of our residents and their
diverse communities. living environment learning environment support: personal development social development academic development diverse communities

what do we have? marketing combined to "produce mutually
satisfying exchanges with a target market" external internal
(managing process) project calendar
archive maintenance Promotion getting the edge create exchanges with
target markets 4 "P"s product
place (distribution)
promotional materials
face-to-face price competitive
weapon for our purpose:
list activity according to either
1. action
2. concept
both refer back to mission Georgia College & State University Define Marketing Strategy & Strategy Statement Driving message behind all of your marketing: Consistency
On track
Assists with branding
Drives decisions Identify Key Players Identifying target markets Parents
Incoming Students
Returning Students
Transfer Students
Campus Community Influential partners Who makes purchasing decisions?
Who influences marketing decisions?
Who defines perimeters?
Who else influences ability to do business? Identify Competition Private apartment complexes
"Local" renters

What is their product?
What are their key messages?
What are their timelines? Identify Key Messages What do we say to our target audience?
What limitations does the University impose?
What do people want to hear?
Consistency vs. addressing the individual
needs of each target audience? How do we exceed our competition?
(evidence oriented messages) How do we fit in with the University's marketing plan?
How do we fit in with the Division's marketing plans? Why is our "product" something people would "rather have"? Dealing with the difference between "need" and "want"
How to couch terms of "need" in terms of "want"? Message: Connecting Students with Success Identify Marketing Boundaries Understanding that the competition may not recognize:
Our ethical standards
The goals of the institution
The needs of the customer we have committed to address
This may make their product more attractive
"University Housing
Connects Students to
What They Need to
Succeed" "Connecting you to what you need" Addressing Each Target Audience -
Given that the target(s) may change Message:
Students are more successful when
they live on campus
Email, postcards, formal letters parents incoming
students Message:
You are more connected to the University
when you live on campus
Brochure answers questions they have at
time of application
Promote on-campus living through Admissions tours
Remodel tour rooms
Participate in preview days and orientations returning
students Message:
Students living on campus have an easier life, higher GPAs
and access to campus opportunities
Renewal campaigns - including events transfer
students Message:
Living on campus is the best way to
be a part of the U of A campus
Timely postcard and email contacts
Participation in Transfer Orientation campus
community Message:
University Housing plays a key role in the education of our students
Provost - distribution list(s)
Open Houses
Liaison roles with key departments - Academic Initiatives Executing the Marketing Strategy Incorporating the marketing strategy into
everyday departmental activities -
Walking the Talk Customer Service
Maintenance Services
Amenities Other Factors that Impact Success Review your contract

Are there stipulations that affect occupancy?
10 vs 12 month
Payment options
Review your application & renewal process
Is sign-up occuring too late to compete with other
schools or off-campus competition? Formal & informal means of evaluation EBI Survey
Student group feedback
Parent feedback
Occupancy & cancellation numbers Texas Tech GCSU Strategy Statement outcomes oriented
consistent - time & place residence education,
student development,
student support Review your relationships with other departments Are we getting the support we need?
Financial Aid, Facilities Management,
Enrolment Services, Division of Student Affairs
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