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nasla estephania espinosa

No description

Nasla Espinosa

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of nasla estephania espinosa

I.E. Tulio Enrique Tascon
Nasla Estephania Espinosa
Maria Camila Rojas

El Nitrogeno
Nitro in nature
Nitro is the main element for the development of life in earth. It forms a big part of the acids that get proteins and other organisms. ¿where do humans get nitro from?.
Molecular nitro (N2) is a big element on earth, getting about the 78% of gas that is in the atmosphere. However, most of the organisms cannot use the nitro that is on the floor, it has to be previously checked. Means, to be combined with the other elements.
introns biological fixation is done by a group of bacteria’s that are free in the roots of some plants aiso it uses a part of a lightning power to fix a small amount of nitro.
Once nitro is combined with other elements, it gives organisms to be use in earth.

Experimento de poroto (Frijol)
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