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Teaching From Within: A New Film from TIE Media Productions

2012 Systems Change Presentation

Scott Simpson

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Teaching From Within: A New Film from TIE Media Productions

Based on 1500 classroom observatons, in 85 percent of the classrooms observed, fewer than half of the students were paying attention. Mike Schmoker (2006) Human Histogram What do we learn about OUR attitudes?
What do we learn about OUR schools?
Do our PRACTICES match our VALUES? Our kids post the problem on YouTube... What can we learn about OUR school or district's motivation style... both what we do & what we want to do? Needs-Satisfying Planning Best & Worst REWARDS FEAR COERCION Group Representatives 6 Paradoxes
Inner Authority
Common Core/
Playdough Boy Parker Palmer Where to start Teaching From Within A New Film... Neuroplasticity Lisa Merchen Brad Thomas Libby LeFebre Sarah Carlson Creekside Elementary Central High School Brentwood Middle School Lander, Wyoming Barbara Coloroso Bob Sullo RSA Animate -
Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us from TIE Media
Productions Ryan Phillips
Camera, Editing Paul Higbee
Consulting, Camera TIE Media Services What can I learn about my own classroom motivation style? Dan Pink RSA Video
Autonomy/Mastery/Purpose Harding County Bison Faith Hoven Edmunds Central New Underwood Jones County Kadoka Wall Oelrichs Edgemont Newell Dakota Character Districts We resequenced the film so that the “alternative” scenes immediately followed each of the classroom/interview sections.

We finalized the title of the film, Teaching From Within

We scripted a new introduction that highlighted the “stripping away” nature of the film’s focus Based upon March 2012 feedback from Dakota Character Educators who viewed an early edit of the film... If it is true that learning and growth are NATURAL drives built in to what it means to be a human being, then lagging motivation among students may signal that something needs to be removed more than it signals that something needs to be added on. The Dakota Character educators told us, “You need to get THAT into the introduction!” The Problem: Motivation My Classroom My School My Self Jon Marshall Sally Caldwell Dakota Character Researchers Spearfish, SD Grand Junction, CO Greeley, CO Understanding 1:
Teaching From Within is Learning From Within Understanding 12:
Learning is Often About Un-Learning Teaching From Within
Staff Workshop 1. Before we watch the film
2. The film
3. Digging deeper
4. Follow up support as Ms. Jaeger, Elementary as the interviewer as Mr. Lewiston, HS History as Ms. Lugo, MS English Understanding 2:

A Culture of Compliance
Doesn’t Promote Learning Understanding 3:

The Brain is Designed
for Perpetual Growth Understanding 4:

The Brain Grows
In the Manner it is
Exercised Understanding 5:

We Learn Best
As We Connect With Stories Understanding 6:

Rewards Render Us Passive Understanding 7:

Learning Requires Trust Understanding 8:

Extrinsic Motivation
Produces Short Term Results Understanding 9:

Coercion is Violence Understanding 10:

Misguided Measuring
Can Distract Us From
What’s Important Understanding 10:

Misguided Measuring
Can Distract Us From
What’s Important Understanding 11:

Learning is Natural
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