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Is There Life After meth?

No description

Sarah Munson

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of Is There Life After meth?



Crystal Meth is a white crystalline drug that people snort, smoke, or inject into their bodies.Meth is in the same family as cocaine, and both are illegal. It's also called crank, chalk, and speed.
Meth is a club drug taken while partying. It first acts as a stimulant but then systemically destroys the body. Meth is associated with memory loss, aggression,physchotic behavior, potential heart and brain damage, and many other health conditions.
I chose this topic because meth is one of the deadliest drugs out there. Meth makes marijuana look like tylenol! Luckily, meth abuse in teenagers has gone down. Unfortuanetly, meth abuse in adults as at an all time high!

I got interested in the topic of meth because, let's be honest here, nearly EVERYBODY watches Breaking Bad.
Dopamine is a chemical your brain makes that when realeased, makes your body feel pleasure. When you do meth for the first time, dopamine is realeased 6 MORE TIMES than intended. The high can last a full 24 hours. Meth users clean excessively, pull out their eyebrows, and try to scratch out hallucinated bugs under their skin.

Just wait. It gets worse. :)
Meth is highly addictive & burns up the bodies resources , creating a devastating dependence that can only be relived by taking more of the drug.MMP warns people that trying meth once is enough to ruin your future. One meth addict lost his friends, family, his career as a musician, and ended up homeless. He tried meth once, and never looked back. Meth is hard to treat, and many users die.
Meth is made illegally, in hidden labratories. Most people use garages. people mix various forms of aphetamine (another stimulant drug) or derivatives with other chemicals to boost the strength. Cold pills are the common basis for meth. They extract ingredients from the cold pills and add ingredients like rock salt, drain cleaner, battery acid, and latern fuel. Meth labs can explode, and when they do, the meth cooks are usually disfigured or killed.
This knowledge of meth applies to my life because I'd like to go into the study of illegal drugs. My Grandfather was in the DEA, also known as the Drug Enforcement Administration. I'd like to know how many people have successfully recovered from meth and who came up with the meth recipe in the first place. I learned that meth is the worst drug ever, and contains many shocking ingredients.

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