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Plantations By: Lila Waldron

No description

Gene Monahan

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of Plantations By: Lila Waldron

Work Experience
Places In Which They Lived
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In the beginning, the planters had a lot of work to do. But later on, the indentured servants did all of the work for them and the plantation owners' job was then just to watch them work or supervise them. This made the planters' job very easy in the end.
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Plantation owners lived on large properties with up to 900 slaves. They had decent sized houses and had many belongings. As for the slaves, they had very little belongings and had tiny mattresses if they were lucky! They had small huts with up to 12 slaves each.
Area In Which They Lived
9 biggest slave owners in America's history
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1. Col. Joshua J. Ward 6. Gov. John L. Manning

Plantations By: Lila Waldron

The plantation owners lived near the south coast. The indentured servants were shipped from the British Colonies to North America.

"During the era of slavery in the United States, the education of African Americans, enslaved and free, were often discouraged, except for religious instruction, and eventually made illegal in many of the southern states."
2. Dr. Stephan Duncan 7.Col. Joseph Aklen
3. John Burnside 8.Gov. Robert Francis Withers
4. Meredith Calhoun Allston
5. William Aiken 9. Joseph Blake
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