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The Future Of Us

No description

Kristine Phommaviseth

on 22 May 2012

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Transcript of The Future Of Us

Tone/Mood Tone/Mood: The overall mood of The Future of Us is fright. Emma has a glimpse of what he future has to offer and it’s not the future she’d expected. She’s broke and her husband hasn’t been home for 3 days. She’s scared to death that she’s never going to be happy again. “I’m worried that if I open my mouth I’ll start crying again. As it is, Josh already looks uncomfortable being up here."(29) You can see that Emma is starting to get worried and scared that she’s never going to be happy in the future and she feels scared that she’s about to cry because of the fact that she thinks she’s never going to be happy again. Protagonist Protagonist: After Josh and Emma fought about something stupid, they get over it. They decide to play a game. “It’s nice to see Emma smiling, so I sit up and listen.”(220) This shows that Josh is a good friend to Emma because all he wants to see is Emma smile and be happy. That shows how he won’t give up on her. He’s been waiting to see Emma smile for a long time because she’s always down because she found out about her bad future and now he finally saw her smile which makes him happy too. Protagonist: I would definitely had done the same thing as he did. I would listen to my best friend and be happy that they’re finally smiling again. I would listen to them and make sure they’re fine. I probably would have said something like it’s good to see you smiling again, just to let them know that I’ve been waiting to see that smile for ages. Conflict Person vs. Fate: Emma and Josh can view their futures by logging onto Facebook, a website that has not been invented yet, but they realize that the smallest ripples make the biggest changes in their future. Emma calls her future husband, which they haven’t even met yet, and once she does that, she checks Facebook one more time. Her husband changes to another person. The slightest thing she did changed her future. “’It’s not the same, and you know it,’ I say. ‘Mine was a reaction, but you intentionally made a humongous change…We need to do things exactly as we would’ve done them before Facebook.’”(134) Literary Devices “Emma’s eyes flash with anger…”(73) Protagonist Protagonist: In The Future of Us, Josh Templeton, an optimistic, shaggy red haired sophomore at Lake Forest High is seen as the protagonist. Josh is said to have grown five inches since the other protagonist, Emma, has seen him. “He’s a grade behind me, which makes him a sophomore. He’s got the same floppy reddish-blond hair and shy smile as always, but he’s grown five inches this year.”(3) Protagonist What makes him the protagonist?: He’s the protagonist because he’s just a regular guy trying to get through life. He’s optimistic and a great friend to his not-so-best- friend anymore, Emma. He’s always trying to get her to feel better and he’s also changes throughout the book because he becomes more confident when he finds out he’ll be marrying on of the most beautiful girls in his school. “Why do you need to prove it’s a prank so badly?” Emma asks. “So you can stop worrying. Your life is going to turn out fine.”(40) This shows how Josh is just trying to help her out and trying to make her stop worrying about things. He also changes from the beginning to the middle of the book. In the beginning he finds it ridiculous that he’s going to marry Sydney Mills in the future. “Sydney Mills is a year ahead of me. She’s insanely hot, she’s one of the best athletes in school, and she comes from a wealthy family. I have no idea why anyone would match us up even as a joke.”(46) You can tell that he has really low self esteem, thinking he wouldn’t have a chance with her. “I’m going to marry Sydney Mills…The hazy reflection helps me imagine stacking on some muscle. And it looks good! I wink at myself. ‘Yeah, baby!’” Now, Josh is a little more confident and he’s starting to like how he looks. Conflict Person vs. Person: Josh started to form a crush on Emma 6 months ago, but she rejected him. “Rejection always hurts, but having it come from my best friend was the worst.”(36) Ever since, things have always been awkward between them, but Josh moved on. Then, Emma has this idea to do something she wouldn’t, to see if her future changes, maybe just by a little bit. “I part my lips as she slides her hand behind my neck, pulling us even closer.”(225) Emma knows she’s gone too far and Josh starts losing control. “Let it go?” Josh’s eyes flash with anger. “You know how I felt about you! You can’t jerk me around for some stupid game.”(227) Literary Devices Flashback: “It’s odd to think that only a few rows over, near Clarence and Millicent’s final resting place, Emma and I began to pull apart. It was cold that night, so she snuggled against me. It’s not that she hadn’t before, but it felt different that time.”(117) "Paranoia hits me."(244) "...Kellan flipped."(271) "I can already visualize my parents--brows furrowed and arms crossed--waiting for me in the principal's office."(245) Foreshadowing: Personification: Personification: Hyperbole: Foreshadowing: "He's going to hire me. Someday, I'm going to work at Electra Design... for her dad."(247) Allusion "Even with our ability to look back on that war,"
he says, "there's no way to know for a certain
what was lost and what was saved. But that's how it is. History's a bitch when you're in the middle of it." The Future Of Us By: Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler Kristine Phommaviseth Flashback: “Especially after what happened last November. It was the opening night of Toy Story. A bunch of us went to see it, taking up a whole row.”(71) Hyperbole Climax Towards the end of The Future of Us, Emma starts crying when she knew Sydney was with Josh outside her house. Emma knew Josh and Sydney were hanging out with each other, which she was totally fine with, but now, she's becoming jealous seeing them being comfortable with each other because he's been spending so much time with Sydney, she starts to miss him.
"I didn't feel it coming, but suddenly tears are pouring down my face...This is what a heartbreak feels like."(342) This is when we start to see how jealous Emma is and how she starts to sort of develop feelings for Josh. Feelings that exceed the "friend-zone." "...but I'll never meet someone like Josh again."(342) Theme In The Future of Us, the idea is represented a lot throughout the book is to not to care about yourself all the time but care about others. Ever since Emma discovered Facebook, all she's been doing is trying to change her future. She wasn't happy with her future at all and she decided that she should change it to make sure she's happy in the future. Theme cont.: Josh on the other hand has a great future with a girl he NEVER thought he'd have a chance with. He's happy with his future and he doesn't want to change it. "I stand up so fast I nearly pass out. I told her. I told her! This future stuff is dangerous. We can't tinker with things, plucking out details we don't like." Emma was only thinking about her future and she didn't even bothering about caring about Josh's future. Just because she's miserable doesn't mean everyone else has to be. You can tell how Josh is angry that his future was almost starting to fall apart. Resolution: Emma tries signing onto Facebook one more time but it's gone. She looks through her bookmarks and it's nowhere to be found. Her only place to see her future is gone. Josh ends up not being with Sydney because "it never felt right"(351) Kellan and Tyson, Josh and Emma's best friends end up taking them to Goodtimez pizza where they end up hanging out. "But when Emma's finger touched mine I was only thinking about now. If i moved my hand away, I knew Emma would play it off as an accident. But I didn't want that to happen." Emma and Josh end up making their friendship into a relationship and hope that that changes their future. Rate: I'd rate this book a 4/5 Facebooks because it was cool. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7AA3D22C7351693E just kidding. I liked how you can really feel what the characters are feelings and I liked how Josh and Emma has their own chapters to see their point of views. I disliked how it ended too fast. There's only one main conflict.
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