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Nick Boon

on 13 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Moodle Developers for Moodle Development and Moodle Customization
PAL-InfoCom Technologies
PAL-InfoCom Technologies
Moodle, an open source eLearning solution with 100,000+ installations around the world and growing, is a modularly architected tool helping educational institutes, training service companies and corporate to achieve their educational & training aspirations.
Moodle can be configured and customized to map your business models and setup workflow around your training management practices.
The corporate can use it for the internal training management of it's employees.

Customized Web Project Development

Successfully delivered solutions in the domain of social networking, financial modeling, comparison shopping and several others domains.
One of key values we deliver to our clients is superior architecture and individual project management attention by our projects management leadership supported by a team of business analysts and developers .

Moodle Configuration & Customization

Top 5 reasons to outsource to PAL InfoCom

Business stability of 7 years 
Mature Project management    leadership
Proven track record of delivering    professional services
Process driven organization
Cost and Quality effective Services

Moodle has a set of predesigned graphic moodle themes.

Moodle Customization offers a vast set of functionalities which can be configured and customized to your specific needs. Whether it's about customizing the existing features or developing a feature and reports
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