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Three Times Lucky

No description

Anna Liebhard

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Three Times Lucky

Three Times Lucky
Before the beginning, Mo is wondering what happened to her "Upstream Mother". Mo had been born during a dangerous hurricane. Her mother had Mo clutched to her, when she saw a raft floating. Her mother tide her to the floating raft and pushed her to land. That day a man, who is now the colonel, crashed and woke up the next morning in his car and found Mo. The colonel thought Mo was a boy and named her Moses and when he found out Mo was a girl it was to late to change her name. The colonel and a woman named Miss Lana took care of Mo. The Colonel had lost his memory and didn't know who he was after the crash. Many people made stories up about the colonel. For example: The colonel has a suitcase full of cash. Now nobody knows what happened to Mo's "Upstream Mother".
Favorite Part.
My Rating
Three Times Lucky
By.Sheila Turnage
Three Times Lucky Book
Thanks For Watching
Mo works at a Cafe run by the Colonel and Miss Lana. People are in there everyday. One of the crabbiest people that goes to the cafe is Mr.Jesse. The Colonel always keeps the Cafe the same, but Miss Lana always has a theme going on. Mo has a best friend and his name is Dale. His mom is Miss Rose. His dad is always drunk and treats Dale and his older brother Lavender terribly. Mo has a crush on Lavender and hopes to marry him some day. She wants to adopt six kids. One day a detective named Joe Starr came in to the cafe. That is how they met Joe. One day Mo and Dale go to one of Lavender's races. Lavender got in a crash and had to go home. When they got to Dale and Lavender's house Miss Rose asked if Mo wanted to spend the night. Mo said she'd have to call the Colonel and check in first. Mo called the Colonel and the Colonel wanted to talk to Miss Rose. When Miss Rose got off the phone she told Mo that Mr.Jesse had been murdered and the Colonel was coming to pick her up.
Books by Sheila
By.Anna Liebhard
By.Anna Liebhard
Main Characters
Dale Earnhart Johnson III
Miss Lana
Other Characters
Joe Starr
Deputy Marla
Anna Celeste(Attila)
Miss Rose
Grandmother Miss Lacy Thornton
Mayor Little

Thes and Reverend Thompson
Azalea Women
Mo's House
Dale/Miss Rose's House
Before the Beginning
Town of Tupelo Landing
That same day, Mo went to karate night at the cafe. Then Joe Starr came into the cafe to find clues. He asked everyone if they know what maybe happened to Mr.Jesse. He got Anna Celeste and she said she saw a boy at Mr.Jesse's house earlier that day. After Anna described the boy Mo knew she was talking about Dale. That night Mo called Dale and told him the story. Late that night he snuck into Mo's house without his mom's permission. He and Mo talked. That night they decided to become detectives. They called themselves the Desperado Detectives. The next morning the Detectives went to Dale's house. Dale's mom grounded him so Mo was on her own. When Dale was not doing chores, the two would either be at the cafe or looking for clues of Mr.Jesse's death. One day when Dale was at home cleaning out the tobacco barn, Mo went into Mr.Jesse's yard where Starr and Deputy Marla were. Starr didn't know Mo was there. She fell out of the tree she was sitting in and landed right next to the murder weapon.(I can't tell you what it is.) Everything went fine after that. Mo and Dale found more clues.(I can't tell you the clues they found either.) Then one day there is a carnival. Mo and Dale went. When Mo got home, Miss Lana and the Colonel were missing. Mo started staying with Miss Rose and Dale. Starr,Lavender and the Desperado Detectives are now looking for them.
Read the book to find out what happens:)
My favorite part is when Mo found the murder weapon.
Out of five stars
Sheila Turnage
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