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KANGAROO JACK SM Manila: 2013 Marketing Plan

No description

John Carlo Limpin

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of KANGAROO JACK SM Manila: 2013 Marketing Plan

Chapter II: Background of the Study
Chapter III:
Environmental Analysis
Chapter IV: S.W.O.T Analysis
Chapter I: Executive Summary
Kangaroo Jack is a fast casual dining restaurant and a franchising company that was conceptualized in 2006
Kangaroo Jack SM Manila Branch was established a year ago. Since it was new to the market of SM Manila, it is experiencing problems specifically in sales.
A major challenge Kangaroo Jack is now facing is how to increase their sales and make it known to the market.
The plan focuses on how to increase sales and make Kangaroo Jack known to the market especially in SM Manila Branch.
Kangaroo Jack’s support program includes:
Site Feasibility Study
Store Design & Layout
Use of Logo and trademark
Comprehensive Training Program
Use of Training and Operations Manuals
Pre-opening and grand opening assistance
Opening Team Support (to be assigned for the first 2 weeks of operation)
Marketing & On-going Support Program
Continuous Research & Development

A. Company Description
Kangaroo Jack Steak & Grill is another entrant in local fast casual dining segment conceptualized in 2006.
Kangaroo Jack is a steak lover’s haven its menu boasting of delectable porterhouse, tenderloin and T-bone steaks, sizzling meals and grills.
It’s another powerhouse concept from group that brought global brands Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Wetzel’s Pretzel and Skin Food to the country.
Kangaroo Jack also offers promising and profitable investment opportunities through an aggressive franchise development plan.
Consistently high-quality food and service , generous portions at reasonable prices.
Contemporary look differentiate Kangaroo Jack as top brand available in the fast-casual dining segment today.

B. Mission and Vision
“To create a profitable restaurant with an exciting atmosphere, great food and excellent services where people truly enjoy coming to eat. To provide a safe, healthy and rewarding workplace for our employees.”

“Our restaurant is a place where people come to relax, have a good time , and enjoy a great meal. From the moment our customers walk in the door , they are greeted by a warm atmosphere, subtle music , courteous and friendly staff”

C. Situational Analysis
Kangaroo Jack SM Manila Branch was established less than a year ago
They are experiencing different problems that actually result to having low sales and this is caused by several factors
One of the reasons why they experience low sales is because of their location
Another reason of its low sales was the price of their foods.
Kangaroo Jack creates an ambiance of elegance and has an exciting atmosphere.
The restaurant’s elegance and rich-ambiance makes the people frightened to look at what are being offered inside the restaurant.
They’ll also expect that everything obtainable there are expensive.
Another factor of its low sales is their competitors.
Direct Competitor: Holy Cow
Indirect competitors: Chicken Inasal Bacolod located at their front, Nanos pizza at their side and of course the Food Court near beside them.
A threat to the business is the populations of those people going to the SM.

Kangaroo Jack is absolutely affected whenever economic problems occur. Most common in these cases is the inflation rate.

Natural factors may hit the Kangaroo Jack in its interior every once in a while, this is because of trending shortage of the raw materials world-wide.

The restaurant has no problem regarding the technological factors.

Kangaroo jack restaurant is not affected by the different political problems occurring in the government in any different circumstances because they are private ownership.

Kangaroo jack caters different cultures.
Kangaroo Jack food offerings are in good taste and quality
It has an elegant ambiance and exciting atmosphere
It is complete in facilities (has comfort room)
Has a wider space area compared to competitors, therefore they can cater more customers.
Kangaroo Jack SM Manila Branch has low rental fee compared to other branches.
Has a good quality of service

Their strength of having an elegant ambiance is also considered as its weakness.
It’s seems like the restaurant is just for the rich class or Class A or B.
Kangaroo Jack has a service charge of 10%.

Kangaroo Jack is known in some public and private offices around the SM Manila. Therefore, the employees usually make order to the restaurant.
Kangaroo Jack offers promising and profitable investment opportunities through an aggressive franchise development plan.

Competitors especially the Food Court beside it.
Very new to the business and not that well known to the market.
When there is a typhoon or excessive rain, their sales is very much affected because of the location of SM Manila.

Chapter V: Competitors Comparative Analysis
Chapter VI: Marketing Objectives
To increase sales by 5%
To familiarize with the customers.

Chapter VII: Market Segmentation and Targeting

Market Segmentation
Market Targeting
Chapter VIII: Marketing Strategies and Implementation
Introducing the newest program of Kangaroo Jack:

“Loyalty Card: Cash for Rewards”

Front Cover of the Loyalty Card
Back Cover of the Loyalty Card
Basic Mechanics
Valid only at Kangaroo Jack SM Manila.
Customers may get the Loyalty Card from any authorized staff at Kangaroo Jack SM Manila.
The Loyalty Card contains 12 vacant boxes that will be signed every time you earn a point.
300 pesos worth of purchase equals one point.
In every 4 points earned, they have respective free items indicated in the back cover of the card.
If all the vacant boxes are filled, that’s the time they can get the free meal worth 500 pesos.

Local Store Marketing (LSM)
The Kangaroo Jack’s Loyalty Card: Cash for Rewards will be available in SM Manila Branch only. It is located at the Lower Ground Floor of the mall.

Tarpaulin will be posted in front of the Kangaroo Jack SM Manila
Posters will also be placed in the 28 table set ups
Showing of an Audio Visual Presentation in front of the Restaurant
Giving Flyers to mall goers outside the SM Manila

Action Plan
Chapter IX: Evaluation and Control
General Terms and Conditions
1. Kangaroo Jack’s Loyalty Card program is a privilege granted by the management of Kangaroo Jack in SM Manila to its customers for their continued loyalty. The terms and conditions set forth cannot be suspended nor changed except by the management of Kangaroo Jack.
2. The management of Kangaroo Jack has the right to change and manipulate the program in case of uncertainties that might happen.
3. It is considered a breach of these terms and conditions if the member/customer, in the reasonable opinion of the management:
(i) Abuses any benefits or does something in manipulation of the Loyalty Card or does something that might be considered as fraud.

(ii) Acts in any manner detrimental to the interest of the program.
4. Any breach or violation of these terms and conditions whether intentional or otherwise may result in termination of customer’s privilege and cancellation of benefits issued by the management.
5. The management reserves the right to terminate and cancel the Loyalty Card if violation of these terms and conditions has been done.

How to avail
Loyalty Card?

Loyalty Card

How to get
Free Meal/Items?
Chapter X:

KANGAROO JACK SM Manila: 2013 Marketing Plan
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