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Periodic Table of Pokemon

No description

Vignesh Vasan

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Periodic Table of Pokemon

Periodic Table of Pokemon

BY: Vignesh Vasan
Kennenth Killinger
Alex Wu
Periodic Table of General Pokemon
The Organization of the Pokemon Periodic Table(Key)
The organization of our periodic table is like our normal table. Instead the periods and the groups/families, we grouped the Pokemon by their Region, the first is Kanto, secondly Johoto,
thirdly Hoenn, fourth is Sinnoh, and the last one is Unova. The groups/families are label by their Primary types in alphabetic order.
Venasaur is a squat, quadruped Pokémon with bumpy, bluish green skin. It has small, circular red eyes, two pointed teeth on its upper jaw, and four pointed teeth on its lower jaw. It has three clawed toes on each foot. The bud on its back has bloomed in a large pink, white-spotted flower. The flower is supported by a thick, brown trunk surrounded by green fronds. A female Venusaur will have a seed in the center of its flower.
Charizard is draconic, bipedal Pokémon. It is covered mainly in orange scales with a cream underside. It has a long snout and neck, small blue eyes, and two horns protruding from the back of its head. There are large wings with teal undersides sprouting from its back. Its arms are short and skinny, and its hands have three clawed fingers. Its feet have three clawed toes and cream-colored soles.
Blastoise is a large, bipedal tortoise-like Pokémon. Its body is dark blue and is mostly hidden by its tough, brown shell. This shell has a pale yellow underside and a white ridge between the upper and lower halves, which also encircles the arms. Two powerful water cannons reside in the top sides of its shell. These cannons can be extended or withdrawn and can be used to assist in high-speed charges. Blastoise's head has triangular ears which are black on the inside, small brown eyes, and a cream-colored lower jaw.
Pikachu is a short, chubby rodent Pokémon. It is covered in yellow fur, and its ears are long and pointed with black tips. It has a small mouth, brown eyes, and two red circles on its cheeks. There are pouches inside its cheeks where it stores electricity. Its forearms are short, with five fingers on each paw, and its feet have three toes. It has two brown stripes on its back, and its tail is in the shape of a lightning bolt with a patch of brown fur at the base. A female will have a V-shaped notch at the end of its tail. It is classified as a quadruped, but it has been known to stand and walk on its hind legs
Dugtrio is a set of Diglett triplets sharing a single body. Each head has brown skin, black eyes, and a large, round, pink nose. Dugtrio's three heads think the same thoughts and act cooperatively. In order to make burrowing easier, each head will bob up and down to loosen the soil. Dugtrio can tunnel under the earth at 60 mph to a depth of 60 miles, triggering tremors and earthquakes. It is capable of burrowing endlessly.
Alakazam is characterized by its humanoid structure and large mustache It has brown armor-like sections over its chest, shoulders, forearms and knees, which cover its yellow skeletal body. There are three toes on each foot, each of which has a white claw. It wields a silver spoon in each hand, each of which acts as an amplifier for its psychic abilities. Alakazam is able to lower the accuracy of its opponents by bending the spoons it wields, using its signature move Kinesis.
Machamp is a bipedal, humanoid Pokémon with four well-muscled arms. Its skin is bluish gray, and it has red eyes and pale yellow lips. On its head, there are three, brown ridges right above its eyes. It has two arms on each side of its body: a pair located in the normal position, and another pair directly above that attaches on the top of the shoulders. It wears legless black tights along with a golden power-save belt. Its legs have considerable muscle tone, and its feet have two toes.
Golem is a turtle-like bipedal Pokémon with plated, green rocks as its shell. Golem grows bigger by shedding its skin once a year. The discarded shell immediately hardens when exposed to air, crumbling away and returning to the soil. Golem has a head protruding out of the center of the shell, short arms that have three claws, and two legs with five-clawed feet that have four claws in front and one in back. It has red eyes and a flat snout with two pointed teeth in its lower jaw.
Gengar is a dark purple, bipedal Pokémon with a roundish body. It has red eyes and a wide mouth. Multiple spikes cover its back, and it has large pointed ears. Its arms and legs are short with three digits both its hands and feet. It also has a stubby tail.Gengar has the ability to hide perfectly in the shadow of any object, granting it exceptional stealth. However, Gengar's body acts as a heat sink; its presence cools the temperature of the surrounding area by nearly 10°F, because it absorbs the warmth.
Weezing Weezing mostly look like two Koffing stuck together, albeit both being a lighter shade of purple than an actual Koffing, with one being larger than the other is. The larger head sports the skull-and-crossbones design featured on its pre-evolution, while the smaller head only has a light yellow circle underneath the face.Unlike it's pre-evolved form, Weezing has more of a saddened expression. Triplet Weezing have been discovered, although they are extremely rare
Eevee is a mammalian creature with brown fur, a bushy tail that has a cream-colored tip, and a furry collar that is also cream-colored. Eevee has brown eyes, big ears, and pink paw pads. Eevee is said to have an irregularly shaped genetic structure, enabling it to evolve into multiple Pokémon.[
Dragonite is a draconic, bipedal Pokémon with light orange skin. It has large, gray eyes and a round snout with small nostrils. There is a pair of long, thin antennae, as well as a small horn on the top of its head. Its striated underbelly is cream-colored, and extends to the tip of its long, tapering tail. It has thick arms and legs ending in three claws each. Dragonite's wings are small relative to its body, with teal wing membranes
Scyther is a bipedal, insectoid creature. It is primarily green with cream accents between its body segments. On the back of its somewhat reptilian head are three points, and it has narrow eyes. Its forearms consist of large, white scythes, which it uses for hunting as well as fighting. On its thighs are spikes of fur, and it has three clawed toes on its large feet. Two pairs of cream-colored wings extend from its back. While these wings do allow Scyther to fly, it is rarely seen doing so.
Magneton is the result of three Magnemite being linked together by a strong magnetic force, although a single Magnemite can evolve by itself when no other Magnemite are in the vicinity. The magnetic forces that holds the three Magnemite together is powerful enough to dry up all moisture and raise the temperature 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit in the vicinity. It can also be disruptive to electronic devices.
Pidgeot is a large, avian Pokémon. Its glossy plumage is brown with a cream underbelly. On its head, there is a red and yellow crest that is nearly as long as its body. Its fan-like tail feathers are red. Its beak and legs are pink, and it has black markings around its eyes.
Dewgong is a pinniped Pokémon resembling a sea lion. It has a snowy white, furry body, which renders it virtually invisible in snowy conditions. It has a streamlined body with two front flippers and a long flowing tail. Even in extremely cold and ice-packed waters, its tail allows it to be a swift and agile swimmer at speeds of 8 knots. On top of its head is a sharp horn, which allows it to cut and plow through even the thickest of ice floes.
Meganium Meganium is a pale green, sauropod-like Pokémon with yellow eyes. Its four feet have three toes. The leaves around its neck seem to have sprouted into a large pink flower with a yellow central pattern and white tips. Meganium's petals can release an aroma that can soothe anyone that comes in contact with it and can calm aggressive feelings. Meganium's breath has the power to revive dead grass and plants.
Typhlosion Typhlosion is a badger-like Pokémon with a bulky yet agile body. Typhlosion is classified as a quadruped, but it is capable of bipedal movement and is frequently depicted standing on its hind legs. When its mouth is open, it shows its thick tongue and sharp canines. It has a short snout and small eyes and ears. Typhlosion's face, underside, arms, and legs are a shade of cream, and its back is dark blue. On Typhlosion’s rear, there is a spiky, coarse fringe of fur. Across the back of its neck, there are several red spots that produce fire in battle.
Feraligatr is a bulky, bipedal crocodilian Pokémon that is primarily blue with accents of red and yellow. A notable feature of Feraligatr is its large, powerful, jaws that are able to bite and lock down on opponents. TIt has a bisected, V-shaped yellow pattern between its thighs. Feraligatr also has large scales on its arms, tail, and legs. When hunting or fighting, Feraligatr is agile and fast, due to its powerful hind legs that are used to kick the ground hard and charge.
Houndoom Houndoom has a taller build with a longer snout. There are two white bands at each of Houndoom's ankles instead of just one, as well as three bands on its back instead of two. Houndoom has a long, skinny tail that ends in an arrowhead and visible claws on its feet. It appears to have a collar with a small skull pendant and a pair of curled horns, but no discernible ears.
Skarmory is a silver-gray, avian Pokémon with a long, metallic blue neck, legs, and tail. It has yellow eyes, a pointed beak with several sharp teeth, and a triangular crest on its head. There are red feathers under the sheaths that cover its sharp wings, and each feather can be moved independently. Its wings are actually hollow, allowing them to travel up to 180 mph. Its feet have three toes on them, two in front and one in back, and its tail has hooked ends.
Scizor has a similar appearance to its evolutionary predecessor Scyther, except with a thick, red metallic exoskeleton. Instead of scythes, Scizor now has crab-like claws, with yellow-and-black eye-like patterns on them. Scizor has two-toed feet with one clawed toe in front and the other in the back. Scizor has a pair of retractable, two-lobed wings, similar to that of a butterfly.
Ampharos is a yellow, bipedal Pokémon with a white belly. It has conical ears with black stripes and a red orb on its forehead. Its long neck has several black rings around it near the base. Its stubby arms resemble flippers and each foot has a single white nail. It has a long, black-striped tail with a red orb at the tip. gained smaller orbs on its forehead. The orb on its tail can shine so bright, that it can be seen from space. People have used the light as a beacon, or to send signals across the ocean. Ampharos is generally found in grasslands.
Blissey has a large egg shaped body, one half pink and the other white. The hair-like growths she had as a Chansey have curled up on her head. She has white, wing-like appendages where her arms meet her body and around her middle. She seems to have lost the tail she had as a Chansey. Like her pre-evolutions, she has a pouch on her stomach that holds an egg

Donphan are light-gray elephant-like Pokémon. There is a thick, black band of hide that runs down the length of Donphan's back and extends to the trunk, resembling a car tire. Donphan have four short legs with three claws with each leg having a black band around them. They also sport a pair of white tusks, and elongated ears held stiffly to Donphan's sides
Togetic is a dainty, bipedal Pokémon that is small in stature. It is white with a red and blue triangular ring pattern on its body. It also has a relatively long neck and long legs and a pair of wings on its back, giving it a vaguely angelic appearance. Togetic can sense the kindness in other people and Pokémon's hearts. Whenever it spots a pure-hearted person, it tends to go to that person and shower them with happiness and glowing down called "joy dust".

Sudowoodo has a brown, log-shaped body with yellow spots. It has short legs with toeless feet and thin forelegs with three green spheres at the ends. It has a forked "branch" on top of its head, which is shorter on the female than on the male. Despite its appearance, Sudowoodo's composition is closer to a rock than a plant.

Crobat Crobat is a purple, bat-like Pokémon. Crobat has a stubby pair of feet, and has developed a second pair of wings with greenish-blue undersides and two stubby 'fingers'. Crobat's pointed ears are long, and appear to lack insides. Crobat's mouth is small and appears to have its teeth constantly bared. Crobat rests by hanging on a tree branch with its rear legs that serve as wings. Crobat is a cave-dwelling Pokémon.
Hitmontop's main body has a spherical shape and is mostly blue (except for a brownish triangular patch on his chest). He has short legs with white bands at the lower portions, and big blue feet similar to Hitmonlee's (but with a different toe arrangement) and a circular brown marking on the underside. He has a skinny brownish tail that ends with a blue sphere with a spike on it. His head is round and brown with flat, curved extensions, a beady-eyed face and a single spike on top.
Misdreavus is a dark bluish-green, ghost-like Pokémon. While it has no visible arms or legs, its lower half has several small appendages and resembles a ruffled dress. It has a several round, red gems around its neck, which are used to absorb fear as nourishment. It has long, flowing lilac-tipped "hair". Misdreavus's large eyes have yellow sclera with red irises.
Kingdra is a larger, more elegant version of Seadra. It has beautiful fins that wave in the water as it swims. Its head has a crest-like fin along its cheeks. Its head can also turn 360 degrees. Its belly scales are now more compact, unlike Seadra. The snout has also become thinner and more powerful, allowing squirts of water jets with devastating power
"Main Page." Bulbapedia, the Community-driven Pokémon Encyclopedia. Mediaweb, n.d. Web. 19 Sept. 2013. <http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Main_Page>.
Sceptile is a reptilian, bipedal Pokémon. Its neck is somewhat long, and it has two crests on its head. It has semicircular, yellow eyes with red rims. Its lower jaw and a belt-like band across its waist are also red. Along its back, it has two lines running down the middle and two rows of yellow nodules that are described as seeds. Its tail is shaped similar to that of a palm tree's branch. Both of its long arms have two sharp, elongated leaves and three claws. These leaves allow it to use its former signature move, Leaf Blade.
Blaziken is a bipedal, chicken-like Pokémon. The majority of Blaziken's body is red with accents of beige, yellow, and gray. Behind its head, there are beige, hair-like feathers that continue downward and surround its chest and abdomen. It has a small red face with a V-shaped crest on its head. Blaziken's eyes are semicircular with yellow sclera and blue irises, and its mouth is similar to hooked beak. It has featherless, gray hands with three fingers each, and three clawed toes that are not normally visible due to the shaggy, yellow feathers on the bottom of its legs. A female has a shorter mask and hair than a male.
Marshtomp is an amphibious bipedal Pokémon. Its body is primarily light-blue with a lighter shade of blue for its underside and an orange belly. Marshtomp's head has an angular black fin, orange eyes, and orange gills on the ends of both cheeks. It has long arms with three-fingered hands. Its feet have three small toes, and it has two black fins for tails. This Pokémon has a thin, sticky film enveloping its body that enables it to live on land. Its body weakens if its skin dries out, so it plays in the mud on beaches when the tide is low to replenish fluids. It is capable of moving faster through mud than water. With its sturdy legs, it has good footing in mud that allows it to overwhelm struggling opponents. As its former signature move, Muddy Water is another special capability of this Pokémon. Marshtomp lives in swamps and other wetlands.
Aggron is a huge, bipedal Pokémon. It is primarily black with plates of silver-colored armor. The armor on its head has two pairs of holes with horns protruding from the foremost holes. Its forehead plating extends past its upper jaw in a small point. It has sky-blue eyes, and a nostril-like hole on the tip of its upper jaw. On the rim of its mouth are several pointed, fang-like protrusions and the nape of its neck and back have gray-silver armor sections. It has pointed black bands on its shoulders, and gray-silver bands on its arms and legs. Its hands and feet each have three claws. It has a thick, long, black tail that it can swing at enemies.
Walrein is a large, blubbery pinniped-like Pokémon, primarily blue in coloration with white accentuations. Walrein has two long, ivory tusks, which it uses extensively to break ice and fight other Walrein. Its head is also white, with a round, somewhat pig-like blue nose, yellow eyes and large, white whiskers about its face and neck. Walrein has two thin white stripes around its neck as well, four flippered feet and a fan-shaped tail.
Salamence are quadrupedal dragon-like Pokémon, who have newly grown large, red wings. Although primarily blue, Salamence possess accentuations of red and gray coloration. The red-colored portions of its body include its aforementioned wings, eyebrows, neck, and the undersides of its tail and limbs. The gray portions include its lower jaw and its belly, the latter of which appears armored in a similar manner to the shell possessed as a Shelgon. Salamence has three spiky extensions splayed from the sides of its face similar to the external gills of some salamanders, hence the name.

Absol is a quadruped, mammalian Pokémon with a dark blue to gray body covered in white fur. It has a ruff around its neck and chest and a tuft on the top of its head adorned with a single blue-black oval. It has a feline face with almond-shaped, red eyes, a scythe-like tail, and a sickle-shaped horn on the side of its head. Its broad feet are equipped with three claws each, and spikes protrude from the heels of its hind legs and the elbows of its front legs.

Dusclops has a roundish gray body with two stubby legs. Its body is hollow and can absorb anything much like a black hole. It has single red eye and three tooth-like projections. It has two wispy, light gray growths coming out of its shoulders and one on top of its head. Its light gray hands appear to be directly attached to its body. It will have these hands to hypnotize opponents, and then force them to do as it wills. Dusclops usually lives in thick forests.

Gardevoir is a white bipedal Pokémon with the lower part of the body resembling a ballroom gown with a green underside. It has long, slender, white legs underneath the gown. Its hair curls down the sides of its head. There are spikes on the side of its face, resembling a masquerade mask. It has green arms that connect to the hands without defined wrists and long, slender fingers that resemble gloves. It has red fin-like horns on its chest and back. A band of green on its chest extends to the centermost horn and connects to its sleeve like arms. The band of green resembles a torso or top part of a dress.
Hariyama is a large, hulking, and mostly gray bipedal Pokémon that is modeled after sumo wrestlers. It has very large orange hands with three fingers. On its head, it has a pointed triangular crest and V-shaped marking of dark blue that runs across the tops of its eyes. This marking becomes a long blue ponytail in the back. On the sides of its head are round, stubby ears with visible holes in them. It has an orange, semicircular pattern on its abdomen. It has yellow skirt-like extensions on its waist and large, thick, dark blue legs with orange, two-toed feet. Its body is mostly muscle instead of fat.
Slaking is a large, bulky, ape-like bipedal Pokémon. Most of its fur is brown, along with the semi-circle patterning encircling its eyes. Its face, chest, hands, and feet are lighter in color. Its brows are thick and jutting. It has a white collar of fur around its neck, extending toward the top of its head in a small tuft. It also has a large, pink, pig-like nose.
Solrock is a primarily orange, spherical Pokémon. It has eight yellow, rocky spines extending from the sides of its body, and Multiple, small, yellow stony bumps running vertically along its center. On its back are dual rocky mounds, situated to the sides of the midline. Its large eyes consist of thick, semicircular yellow eyelids through which black sclera and red pupils can be seen. A black ring with six extensions surrounds each eye.
Swalot is a tall, purple, amorphous Pokémon. It has red, beady eyes and yellow whiskers. A female Swalot has shorter whiskers than a male. It has puckered lips and can fit an automobile tire its mouth. Its hands have three fingers. It has a single row of black rhombi running across its mid-section, and can expand and contract its body at will. It is capable of swallowing anything whole, and can digest anything expect its own stomach lining. It covers prey and opponents with powerful poison. It lives in grassy areas.

Claydol is a large, black Pokémon that resembles a mud statue with two stubby legs. It has a wide, spherical head with a rounded protrusion on top. Around its head are many large, pink eyes with yellow, beak-like protrusions between each. A wavy, white rim runs along the upper edges of the eyes. Its torso has white ring markings, each with a downward extension a yellow dot in the middle. It has spherical arms with a rounded protrusion that are capable of firing beams. These arms are not attached to its body, but are usually kept floating close by Claydol's psychic powers. Claydol uses the same telekinetic abilities to move and float through the air. It lives in rough terrains.
Armaldo is a bipedal, amphibious Pokémon, somewhat resembling a mantis shrimp and covered with thick, heavy-duty plates.
Lopunny is a bipedal, rabbit-like Pokémon with a dark brown pelt and a short round tail. It has red eyes with black marking on one side, long tufts of cream-colored fur above its eyes, and a small, pink nose. Its long ears end in fluffy, cream-colored fur. Lopunny is very proud of these ears, and never fails to groom them. If the ears are roughly handle, Lopunny will kick in retaliation. Its wrists and legs below the knees are covered in fluffy, cream-colored fur similar to its ears. It sheds its fur twice a year, and has a soft, fluffy coat in winter. Lopunny is a timid Pokémon that will cloak its body with its ears or spring away when it senses danger.

Infernape Its body is primarily a brownish-red color, with sections of white fur on its chest, head and legs, and a large flame burning on its head that never goes out. The tail flame it had as a Monferno has disappeared. Infernape wears two gold chest rings in place of a chest plate. Its former hair crest has presumably formed into the flame on its head. It also has swirl-patterned gold shoulder pads, knee pads, and wrist bands. The blue and red markings it had on its forehead as a Monferno have now changed to a deep blood-red color. Infernape's scleras are yellow, and its irises are blue. Its hands, toes, and inner ears are also blue. Unlike Chimchar and Monferno, Infernape's head flame never goes out.
Empoleon is a large penguin-like Pokémon. In terms of color, it has a closer resemblance to a "real-world" penguin than its pre-evolved forms have because it is mostly black or navy blue as opposed to being a light blue. Its feet actually appear to have webbing on them. This collar is probably because real penguins are said to be wearing "tuxedos," due to their black and white appearance. If one looks at Empoleon, it has a tie like fin in the middle of its belly, and the collar coming off it, this relates to the tuxedo of a penguin. There is a lace-like pattern of white coloration on its front, and it has two gold-colored spots on its upper-back. Its most prominent feature is the three-horned trident-like crest that extends from its beak. This crest represents an Empoleon's power and the leader of a colony of Empoleon, Prinplup, and Piplup will have the largest horns.
Luxray's appearance is based on that of a fully-grown lion or lynx. It has three gold-colored rings on the backs of its legs, similar to Luxio (which has two) and Shinx (which has one) and has eyes with golden pupils and irises and red scleras. Luxray has a blue body partly covered with a spiky black mane from its head to its front legs and parts of its back legs. It has a long, thin black tail with a gold four-pointed star shape on the tip.

Torterra possess a giant, flat-looking shell that resembles those of the ankylosaurs. The upper portions of Torterra’s body and its lower jaw are green, and they bear two large spikes, like the ones on their shell, that jut out of the sides of their heads making it look somewhat like an Ankylosaurus. Torterra's eyes are intimidating, encircled by a black ring and bearing small red pupils. Their mouth is jagged and at the end of their snout is a dark brown beak, giving them the appearance of a snapping turtle. Their thick, tree trunk-like legs are massive and powerful in order to hold up their enormous, heavy bodies. They bear four toes on each of their legs, which appear as if they are actually jagged stones, with three in the front and one on the heel.
Abomasnow is a large, bipedal creature covered in shaggy, white fur. It has pale purple eyes with bushy eyebrows and long strands of fur covering its mouth. Two tufts of longer fur grow on both its back and chest, with the chest fur being longer on the female. Its hands, feet, and tail are dark green and spiky, similar to the foliage of an evergreen tree. On its back are four green spikes that resemble pinecones. Abomasnow lives in snowy mountains and appears only when snow flowers bloom. Once the flowers die, it retreats to isolated areas. It is able to create blizzards to hide itself.

Lucario is a bipedal, jackal-like Pokémon, with fur that is predominantly blue and black. It possesses a short, round spike on the back of each forepaw, in addition to a third on its chest. Lucario's snout and ears are longer than those of its pre-evolution, Riolu. It possesses cream-colored fur on its torso, and blue fur on its thighs that resembles shorts. Like its pre-evolution, Lucario stands on its toes rather than on its entire foot. It has developed four small black appendages on its head, which rise when Lucario reads or manipulates aura.

Roserade is a bipedal Pokémon with an appearance that incorporates features of roses and the decorative dress of a masquerade. It has hair made of white rose petals, and a leafy, green cape with a yellow, collar-like bangle on its neck. The cape pattern reaches toward the back of its head, in spiky, sepal-like extensions on the hair. A female will have a longer cape than a male. It has a dark-green mask over its red, yellow-lidded eyes. The lower portion of its face is light green, and it holds a bouquet in each hand. It has a red in its right hand and blue in its left. Its limbs and underside are light green. Its feet end with yellow tips.
Honchkrow is roughly twice the size of its pre-evolution, Murkrow. Its feathers are mainly dark blue, while the underside of its wings is partially red. The tail's base is a white, cylindrical stalk, on which there is a growth of red feathers on the end. Honchkrow has a white and prominent crest of feathers on its chest that bears resemblance to a beard or cravat. Honchkrow has black feet with four toes, arranged in similar fashion as Murkrow's. Its head is supported by a broad and short neck. It has a slightly curved, yellow beak. The circular eyes have a white cornea and the pupils are red. It has dark blue eyelids. A large feather crest on its head makes it appear to be wearing a fedora hat that has spikes extending from the back. Its specific coat of feathers make it bear vague resemblance to a man dressed in a formal suit and a hat.
Garchomp are dark blue, with a red underbelly that covers from the middle of its abdomen, to its jaws, and then to the undersides of its arms. Underneath the red is a gold diamond shape as well a gold cross on its snout. It has spikes on its hind limbs and arms as well as sharper claws than its previous evolution.
Mismagius is a purple, ghost-like Pokémon. It has a round head with elaborate tufts resembling a witch's hat atop it. The tips of the tufts are paler than most of the body. It has a thin, red mouth that resembles the letter "W." Below its head, Mismagius has a long neck with a round lump midway down. Three, elliptical red spheres surround the upper portion of Mismagius's body. There are extensions on the sides of its lower body with the foremost ones tattered compared to rear ones. This gives Mismagius the appearance of wearing some kind of cloak.
Vespiquen are bee-like Pokémon with yellow and black striped abdomen resembling an elegant ballroom gown. On the underside of the expansive abdomen are honeycomb-like cells that serve as a nest for baby Combee. It does appear, however, that they have a slender, more insect-like abdomen in the centermost cell, which is inconspicuous as the ‘dress’ usually obstructs the view of it. Vespiquen have black, skinny arms with two orange claws and fly with a pair of relatively small wings on their backs. Their yellow upper bodies are a nearly perfect sphere and their waists are black and slender. A curved line on their back between their shoulders separates their thorax and waist. Vespiquen's orange faces have intimidating, red eyes, oversized, yellow, protruding mandibles, and a red gem on their forehead that has grown significantly since being a Combee. The top portion of the head is similar to a headpiece of sorts with yellow and black horn-like projections, resembling a hairstyle historically favored by early medieval-period English queens.
Staraptor bears a resemblance to a cross between a large gray and white starling and a hawk. It also shares similarities with the harpy eagle. Staraptor’s plumage is mainly a brownish-gray, but has white coloration on its forehead, throat, and chest. It also has black coloration on its crest, neck, and chest pattern, and black tipping on the tailfeathers. The stylized "M" pattern on the center of its chest resembles the first letter of its Japanese name (Mukuhawk). The downward-facing, red-tipped crest on its head makes it appear larger in order to frighten its enemies.
Bronzong is a large Pokémon resembling a blue-green bell with two arms coming out of its sides. It has a hollow body and a yoke attached at the top. Its face can be best described as being a "Totem Pole" design; Bronzong has two round, red eyes with blue-green irises and a rectangular mouth with one visible row of square teeth. It has several darker, rectangular markings on its body. It can summon rain clouds, which earned it the nickname "bringer of plentiful harvests". The first known Bronzong was dug up at a construction site.
Stoutland is a canine Pokémon with a talent for rescuing people lost at sea or in the mountains. On its face, it has cream-colored fur that forms voluminous, white-tipped plumes and a three-pointed crest. The plumes are so long that they run the length of its body and bunch close to it. It has tufty, pointed ears with dark blue insides, and black nose surrounded by short black whiskers, and small eyes that are nearly hidden behind its facial fur. Its body is covered with shaggy fur that is dark blue along the back and grayish blue toward the legs. This fur is thick enough to protect itself and others against freezing temperatures. Its face and paws are light brown, and each paw has three toes with white claws.
Emboar are bulky, bipedal Pokémon with pig-like features. It has a red nose, large bushy black eyebrows, and two tusks protruding from its lower jaw. Constantly burning flames cover the front of its neck and shoulders. It has shorts legs and thick arms, the arms have orange upper portions while the legs have red upper portions. The all limbs have black lower portions with thin yellow lines where the upper and lower colors meet. These lines are straight on the arms and spiked on the legs. The arms have red lines around the wrists and tufts of fur on the elbows. The hands are tipped with three claws, while the feet have two claws. A large, dark horizontal stripe on the chest of Emboar has swirled yellow markings. Its small tail ends in a tuft of hair.
Samurott is a quadruped, blue, sea lion-like Pokémon. Long, white whiskers extend from its snout and head, and it has a red nose and eyes. On the back of its head is a large, rounded beige helmet-like shell with spikes and a spear-like, pointed protrusion in the front. A dull bluish gray seashell-like carapace covers its underbelly, and its limbs are covered with beige, sectioned bracer-like coverings, that appear to be comprised of seashells. The forelimbs' bracers are actually swords called seamitars. The lower two segments of these bracers are the scabbards for the two swords, and the upper segment and spike make up the seamitar and its handle. Samurott possess three black digits on each limb, and a fin-like, splayed tail with the innermost section being beige.
Eelektross is an eel-like Pokémon that resembles a lamprey, with a long tentacle-like, finned limb extending from its head. It has red eyes, dark blue body, and, unlike its earlier evolutions, possesses clawed, paddle-like arms with yellow spots and yellow-and-red palms. It has a beige fin on the upper portion of its body and beige fin-like legs below.
Serperior is a primarily pale green, serpentine Pokémon. Its face and throat are white, while its back is dark green. Curled, pale green patterns extend into the white portion of its face, and it has narrow red eyes. There are two pointed yellow extensions on the back of its head. There are curly, dark green extensions that spread out from the sides of its lower neck, and form curling pattern lower down the body. It has curved yellow markings around its middle and several palmate leaves on its tail. Serperior will hold its head high and only use all its strength against opponents that are unfazed by its piercing glare. It is capable of amplifying solar energy with its body.
eartic is an ursine, quadruped creature capable of standing on its hind legs. It has bluish white fur with a shaggy tuft at its rear. Three spikes of ice hang from its lower jaw, forming a beard. Its face consists of a long snout, beady black eyes, and rounded ears. Its large forepaws have black claws and paw pads. Beartic is capable of freezing its own breath, and will create pathways across water using this technique. It inhabits northern areas where it catches prey in the cold waters.
Mienfoo is a yellow, bipedal, mustelid-like Pokémon, with round ears, red eyes, round black ‘eyebrows,’ and pink nose with a whisker on each side. Its red arms look similar to flared sleeves, and the paws are yellow. Mienfoo’s chest has a small red band, and its pelt piles around its thighs like a tunic or robe of some sort. Its legs are red, and its yellow tail is also tipped in the color.

Scolipede is an centipede-like Pokémon that is bright magenta interspersed with purple rings spaced evenly along its segmented upper body. Its horns, extending from its head in a similar way to antennae, are long and slightly twisted. Purple banding decorates its horns, as well as its similarly-shaped dual tails. It has four pairs of purple-tipped forelegs, capable of injecting poison. Its legs further down its body are longer, with curved black patterns and black tipping on the extremities of the limb.
Krookodile has a thick maroon-colored body, black back, and white stomach. It has five triangular spikes on its back: four around the middle of its back, and one large one at the beginning of its tail. Each of the smaller spikes on its back are linked to black, triangular spikes that reach around to its front, slightly overlapping its white stomach. The largest spike sits at the beginning of its long thick tail, which has three, thick, black stripes. The last stripe covers the tip of the tail. Its legs are very short and directly attached to its feet. The feet are wrapped in black and have three white claws facing forward. Krookodile's arms are short and thin with a black stripe around the elbow. Its long, thin fingers are each tipped with a white claw.
Swanna is a swan-like Pokémon with primarily white plumage. Its beak is long and yellow topped with a black cere, and it has several white feathery features adorning its head. The more rounded of the features are to the sides of its head, and the more pointed feature is atop. Swanna possesses a long, curving neck. With a fluid neck and a strong bill, Swanna is capable of very accurate jabbing and thrusting attacks. Swanna is known to fly for thousands of miles without rest. Swanna flies out when the sun rises. At dusk, flocks of Swanna will dance, with the leader in the middle of the routine.
Reuniclus is a pale green Pokémon surrounded by a blob of translucent, green gelatinous substance. I. However, there are several round objects floating next to its arms. These objects increase in size and darken in color the further they are from the body and form arm-like appendages. The gel around these appendages forms three-fingered hands. Above its head, two rounded, triangular objects are suspended in the gel, giving the impression of horns or ears. The gel forms a stubby, round tail at the base of Reuniclus's body. Reuniclus controls its powerful arms using psychic powers. It can form a network with the brains of other Reuniclus by clasping hands with them.
Volcarona is a large, moth-like Pokémon with four small feet. It appears to have compound eyes that are two shades of blue, and there is a red horn-like structure on each side of its face. The fuzz on its upper body is smoky white and tangled. Its abdomen is black in the center and light blue with black dots on the outside. It has six leaf-like wings that are orange in color and have small black spots. Volcarona releases fiery scales from its wings to create a sea of fire. It is said that its fires can replace the sun when it is dark with ash, and it has been known to rescue freezing Pokémon.
Gigalith is a mainly blue-colored, quadruped Pokémon, with various spiny, crystal-like red features jutting out of its body. The joints of its limbs are gray-colored, and its limbs are topped with red crystal-like features, with the two claws on each limb being similar features. It now has a red eye inside each ear. Several of the crystalline features are present on Gigalith's face; three being below its eyes, one, in the middle, forming some kind of crest, and the other crystals to the sides of its head.
Lanturn is a large, blue fish-like Pokémon with a pair of small blue fins. It has a yellow "mask" over its red eyes. The tip of the bottom of its tail is also colored yellow. Lanturn's yellow orbs come from a modification of its dorsal fin. These orbs contain a colony of bacteria that create a chemical reaction, which generates electricity in a similar fashion to that of a battery. Lanturn uses the bright part of its body to lure fish prey. It then blinds the prey with an intense burst of light, and swallows the immobilized prey in a single gulp. Lanturn inhabits the ocean at depths of over three miles.
Haxorus is a bipedal Pokémon with a darkish yellow-green color covering its back and most of the front, black skin covering its torso, tail tip, and thighs, as well as red talons and claws. It has large black and red scythe like tusks coming out of its upper jaw on the side of its mouth. Haxorus has medium sized eyes with red irises and black pupils. There is ridged plate like skin going up from its back to its head region. It has solid armor and the legs and tail have a dividing line pattern. Its legs are formidable and strong with three toed feet with a red talon on each toe.
Hydreigon is a three-headed, draconian Pokémon with six thin, black wings on its back each of which ends in two points. On its neck is a fuchsia-colored collar which surrounds its head. The main head is dark blue and its eyes are black with fuchsia pupils. Its hands are also black and harbor a head in each one; these heads are similarly blue with black eyes. There are small collars on the inside of its hands.Hydreigon is a violent, destructive Pokémon. It will attack anything that moves, determining it a foe. Its heads can consume anything.
Ferrothorn is a Pokémon resembling a flattened durian made of metal. Its body is covered in metal thorns, with three black stripes circling its width, the lower stripe having triangular decorations below the eyes of Ferrothorn. Its eyes have green rims, yellow scleras, and dark pupils. There is a green spike at the top of its body, and extending around it are vine-like, long green appendages tipped with spiky metal disks.
Sneasel is a bipedal Pokémon which vaguely resembles a mix of cat and weasel. Its body is predominantly bluish-black (or dark teal green in some artworks), but it possesses bright red feather-like growths on its left ear and lower back. Its most striking features are the two retractable claws on its front and back paws. It also has distinctive yellow markings on its face and chest. It has unusual facial markings which resemble eyelashes, which are found on both males and females. They have an agile body, and are well skilled in quick movements and intricate techniques.
Xatu is a green condor-like Pokémon with long, red-and-black tipped white wings that cover most of its front. Underneath its wings are designs that resemble red eyes. Along with its main green coloration, Xatu's design has accents of black, yellow, and red. There is an extra set of yellow stripes on a male Xatu. It has almond eyes, a long, slightly hooked beak, and two long, red feather crests. Xatu's feet have only two toes, one in front and one in back. Xatu's design is similar to a totem pole or a kachina doll.
Swellow is a large dark blue bird Pokémon with a red breast and face. It has a crest of blue feathers sweeping back from its head, a vertical stripe of blue extending into its chest, and a white belly. It has sharply shaped wings with white undersides and two, red-tipped tail feathers. It has red feet with black talons. It is an impressive dive-bomber, and will never miss its target. It searches for warm meadows while in the air. It also takes great pride in its glossy plumage, and often cleans the wings of other Swellow.
Manectric is a canine, quadruped Pokémon. Its body is mainly blue with a spiky, yellow mane on its head and yellow tufts of fur on its haunches and around its front feet. Its mane sticks straight up and has three points. It has a jagged upper jaw, red eyes, and holes on either side of its head that seem to be its ears. Each of its paws has three claws. Its blue, spike-like tail is bent at a sharp angle.
Hippowdon is a large, hippo-like Pokémon with skin color based on its gender. It is light brown if male, and black if female. It has a dark gray back and muzzle with several holes in them. Sand often spills out of the ports on its back and its nostrils. This sand is stored internally, and is used to create twisters when attacking. It has a large, rounded snout, a mouth filled with peg-like teeth, and red eyes. Hippowdon has black feet with four blunt claws each. It is short-tempered, and may hold its mouth agape as a display of strength. Hippowdon's massive jaws are capable of crushing cars.
Drifblim seems to resemble a hot-air balloon, primarily purple in coloration. Its once-black, dot-like eyes are now red and set far apart. The lower hemisphere of Drifblim’s body is lighter in color than the upper, while its bottom portion is red and looks torn. It has four yellow-tipped limbs which may be twitched to act as rudders, and grooves running down the body. The white puff on the top of its head, with the pointed portion of it directed forward, seems small compared to its whole body.
Rampardos is a large, dark-gray dinosaur-like Pokémon which, like its predecessor Cranidos, is based upon a Pachycephalosaurus. Rampardos has a blue stripe on its tail and one blue stripe on each of its knees and wrists. Rampardos also has a spike on each knee. Rampardos has a blue collar on its neck with two spikes on it. Two of Rampardos's head spikes are bigger than the other two. Its red eyes are obstructed by its dome-shaped head. Two short spikes are on this Pokémon's nose.
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