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Grand River Restoration-Education

A work in progress

E Ogilvie

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of Grand River Restoration-Education

installing habitat and water quality enhancements;
improving access and recreational opportunities for residents;
enhancing natural aesthetics and riparian function of the riverfront;
attracting tourism, businesses and employment opportunities;
connecting underserved communities with the river and downtown;
creating access to natural areas for under-represented community members;
implementing a comprehensive plan for watershed and related green infrastructure issues; and,
generating a stewardship ethic for the river through education and outreach; especially with urban youth.
A work in progress.
Grand River Watershed
Project Scope now
Grand Rapids 1868
Water Source
Sea Lamprey Control
Lands and Easements
Flood Control
Threatened &
Endangered Species
Project Coordination
Project Scope then...
Coordinating Committee
The River
The Dam
The Fish

Urban Waters Federal Partnership
Governor Snyder's 2012 State of the State "Placemaking" Project
Grants, Local Foundations, Donations
Coordination Committee

Grand River Restoration
Public Meetings to be Scheduled
Sixth Street Dam
Fulton Street
Grand Rapids Progress
Grand Rapids
Master Plan Update
Proposed Barrier
“Before the river was changed by the work of man, the rapids had a nearly uniform descent for about a mile… sufficient to give a decided turbulent and wild appearance to the waters, and to make a noise that broke the stillness of the forest and echoed from the neighboring hills.”
--Charles A Whittemore, Kent Scientific Institute of Grand Rapids, 1895

Where We Are Now
Independent Variables:
Flow Rate
Water Quality
Lamprey Capabilities
Controllable Variables:
Crest Height
Crest Elevation 603.36 ft
2.75 ft below tailwater at 31,000 (10 yr flood)

18" maintained up to 18,000 (2.1 yr flood)
Ogee Crest - max. slope 50 degrees
Grand Rapids 2013
River Restoration
Grand Rapids White Water
Local Champions
Grand River Restoration
Classroom Activity
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