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The effects of Flooding & Fires on Popoluations

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Charles Edward McFail Jr.

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of The effects of Flooding & Fires on Popoluations

Charles McFail Jr.
Recent Fires and Floods
Their Impact on Populations

Flood - An overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines, esp. over what is normally dry land. (Merriam-Webster)
.....We know the effects.....
A General List of Flood Impacts
on Populations
- Primary Impacts On Health -
The Loss of Life......
Developing countries suffer from water-born diseases
Three of The Most Sensational Floods In Recent History
We all have our own anecdotal testimonies due to our location on the gulf coast.

Harris County

Home to low lying areas that are prone to flooding
Two-thirds of deaths are caused by drowning
One-third by physical trauma, heart attack, electrocution, carbon monoxide poisoning or fire
What could explain the decrease in deaths.....?
Government interventions in the form of flood prevention methods and evacuation methods
Common Injuries
Dramatic Injuries - contusions, abrasions, and lacerations
Tend to occur due to by fast moving objects or collapsing structures
Physiological damage - grief, loss of loved ones/property, depression, and PTSD
A List of Flood Impacts on Populations....
- Primary Structural/Economic Impacts -
damage to buildings and other man made structures
damage to transport systems including bridges and roadways
damage to waste treatment facilities
damage to local electrical grids
Loss in in crop yields
Constricted food sources and gas shortages
Technological developments, and high density populations in coastal regions explain the increase in economical losses
The Storm Surge of Hurricane Katrina - 2005
Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004
The Storm Surges of Hurricane Sandy - 2012
Katrina's most memorable moments......
Remembering hurricane Sandy and the outpouring of flood waters......
Actual footage from Indonesia of flooding from the Boxing Day flood of 2004
The Indian Tsunami of 2004
Sunday December 26, 2004

Earthquake triggered tsunami off the coast of Sumatra.
126,000 people were killed (Indonesia)
Over 30,000 people went missing
Substantial death due to drowning and the velocity of successive waves
The Effects of Flood Damage In the New York Area.
Economic toll in the Manhattan area alone < 100, million.
Numerous mass transportation systems destroyed.
Structural damage to the electrical grid caused widespread blackouts.
Flooded and immobile automobiles hampered self transportation
New Orleans.....we know the story
Flooding and the city structural arrangement allowed for virtual entrapment inside the city.
Resources - Gas, Water, Food, restricted
The city's most vulnerable perished/suffered
The city has decreased in population 30%.
The Effects of Wildfires On Populations
Property Damage/Property loss - The single most costly outcome besides loss of life
Loss of Life/Injury
Loss of livestock/crops
Long term environmental changes/outcomes
Two of The Worst Tragedies in North America
Little Bear Fire - New Mexico - 2012
Richardson Backcountry Fires - Canada
Little Bear Fire - New Mexico - 2012
The Little Bear Fire was a wildfire in New Mexico that burned 44,330 acres and 254 buildings
The states worst fire in History
Alberta Canada's Richardson Backcountry Fires
Richardson Backcountry - Located north of the city of Fort McMurray
The fire started in mid-May of 2011,
Over 1,700,000 acres of forest destroyed
Human activity may have caused the fire.

ADPC and UNDP (Asian Disaster Preparedness Center and United Nations Development Programme).
(2005). Integrated flood risk management in Asia. Bangkok: ADPC and UNDP.
http://www.adpc.net/maininforesource/udrm/ floodprimer.pdf.

Ahern, M. and Kovats, S. 2006. “The Health Impact of Floods.” In Flood Hazards and Health:
Responding to Present and Future Risks, ed. Few, R. and Matthies, F. London: Earthscan.

Ahern, M., Kovats, R.M., Wilkinson, P., Few, R. and Matthies, F. 2005. “Global
Health Impacts of Floods:
27(1): 36-46.
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