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Food of the Netherlands

Kyle Baer

Kyle Baer

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Food of the Netherlands

The Netherlands Holland is famous for it's cheese Rich Dutch Culture The Small Nation of Holland is located in the lowlands bordering Germany and Denmark. Their weather is mostly cold and rainy as they recieve the winds from the North Sea Das Boot Fries and Mayonase Dutch people eat alot of fish Holland is a great admirer of pastrys such as Deep fried Twinkies Holland is a Low country Amsterdam enjoys cold winters Hollanders bike everywhere ! Hollanders enjoy hot soups in the winter Holland is home to a prodominate Muslim community, anh hollands Muslim community is very strongly opposed to eating Pork Holland also has an electrifiying fervor for Catholisism 1.Name One religion in holland Questionz 2.Name a traditional dutch snake 3. Name a food Not eaten by Muslims 4.Name a traditional Dutch pastry 5. Name the Sea that borders Holland
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