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olly murs

i think he cool he a great singer

brittany-jade mitchell

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of olly murs

olly murs Olly Murs Date of birth — 14 May 1984 olly murs fact file Olly Murs is 26 years old olly murs favorite song is michael
jackson- billie jean favortite song olly murs hair coulour is blonde and his eye coulour is blue olly murs favortite food is choclate coverd in nuts olly murs
favortie coulour is blue
olly murs went on deal or no deal witham, Essex, England that where he was born
this is the cover of his first album for red noise day olly murs is going to the desert this is a picture of olly at hallowen olly murs came second in x-factor olly murs started sing when he was 14 years old olly murs second name stanley olly murs support manchester untied name olly murs
age 26
birth date 14 may 1984 olly favourite song is bille jean by Michael Jackson He loves choclate cover with nuts olly has blonde hair and blue eyes his favortie colour is blue olly use to be a office worker olly middle name is stanley i am seeing olly murs at a concert this is olly murs sing with Robbie williams
on x-factor the 2 of december 2010 olly first album was out
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