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Senior Project.

learning the basic information about nursing and getting my career started .

marina alvarez

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Senior Project.

Nursing . Marina Alvarez The 5 Basic steps to nursing processes : Assessment Phase. What is nursing ? How long does it take to become a nurse. There are many ways to get the educational requirements: I could get my bachelors degree, an associate degree, or obtain a nursing diploma . Bachelors Degree is an advancement to a nurses career it expands their knowledge and skills beyond the clinical aspects of nursing to give you background in evidence based practice, patient safety, and technology integration, as well as healthcare systems and policies. You will become a more accomplished nurse ready to ascend the ranks.
An associate degree also similar to an obtain nursing diploma in nursing takes about two years to complete. You have to first earn a high school diploma or take preparatory courses. How much longer depends on the number of additional courses you must take. A Male/Female educated and trained to care for the sick or disabled who is focused on caring for individuals of all ages , families, and communities, ensuring that they attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and functioning.

Nurses are capable of assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating care independently of physicians, and they provide support from basic triage to emergency surgery. Nurses strive to achieve the best possible quality of life for their patients, regardless of disease or disability Diagnosing Phase. Planning Phase Implementing Phase Evaluation Phase Classes to get you prepared for nursing. Each School has different requirements these are just some of the basic classes. Chemistry Human Anatomy (structure of the body) Psychology Physiology (how the body functions) Human Development Microbiology (germs) Nursing Science Nursing Science Communication RN can work with patients going through labor to patients dieing unlike other types of nurses. Nurses work in hospitals , doctors offices, or private care. You really have a choice to choose what type of place you want to work in. Also depending on your degree and experience you can get from 20 dollars per hour up to 45 dollars per hour The cost depending on your school and degree can range from 12 thousand to 25 thousand dollars per year. My mentor was Anita Alvarez, in the time we spent together she taught me how to check blood pressure
check height and weight of a baby and a grown person. She also talked to me and explained how to deal with all sorts of patients , and that what happens with them is not to be shared around it must stay confidential. Although I was unable to shadow her at her job on her day off she took me to the hospital where she worked and should me the basic routine a nurse has . MY MENTOR What got me interested in nursing ? The big question MY thoughts after the project.
What I think of nursing now. Do I still believe this is the Career I want in the future ?
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