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Ambition Pursuit: Dream. Build. Thrive.

A Financial Movement Inspiring Passion-Driven Results

James Jordan

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Ambition Pursuit: Dream. Build. Thrive.

Ambition Pursuit Consulting Dream. Build. Thrive. Our Mission: To recognize and stimulate human potential, supporting each person’s pursuit of living in accordance with their passions. Dream. Build. Thrive. goes beyond the simplicity of being just a slogan; it is a lifestyle. This movement embraces the concept of living life in accordance with each person's own passions. At Ambition Pursuit, we use the Dream. Build. Thrive. method to support ALL types of people, with a specific focus in three key areas: Corporate Tax Advising; Corporate Development; Personal Development. "Successful people take a course of action that coincides with their beliefs or passions." What would it mean to you personally to save thousands on your taxes? Tax Advising Corporate Development Success Coaching Establishing a vision of your ideal life Implementing the tools to pursue your passion Using your business to keep more money in your pocket Ambition Pursuit Consulting A Financial Movement Inspiring Passion-Driven Results Take Today to be the First Step in Your Dream. Build. Thrive. Journey Connect With Us: Facebook Ambition Pursuit Consulting Twitter @ambitionpursuit LinkedIn Email ambitionpursuit@gmail.com
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