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Ecosystem Learning Targets

Learning targets for Unit 2 (ecosystems) in Mr. Doucette's 3rd period seventh grade science class

Jayla Cropper

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Ecosystem Learning Targets

ECOSYSTEMS The Six Characteristics of Living Things Made of cells:
cells-tissue-organ-organ system-organism Organized Respond respond to stimuli Use Energy producers- produce energy from sunlight
consumers-eat other organisms for energy
decomposers-break down and absorb organisms from dead organisms Grow and Develop many organisms go through life cycle; multicellular organisms grow by adding cells Reproduce passing on traits Need Raw Materials need nutrients/water
some need CO2 or oxygen gorilla-biotic moth-biotic snake-biotic dirt-abiotic rocks-abiotic rain-abiotic abiotic-nonliving biotic-living THREE WAYS OF GETTING ENERGY: CONSUMER- AN ORGANISM THAT FEEDS ON OTHER ORGANISMS FOR ENERGY PRODUCER- AN ORGANISM THAT MAKES ENERGY FROM SUNLIGHT DECOMPOSER- AN ORGANISM THAT BRAKS DOWN WASTE FOR ENERGY tree-producer camel-consumer beetle- decomposer food web- a web made up of many different food chains that show the organization of how organisms get their energy in a certain pattern with certain organisms plankton-producer salmon-consumer worm-decomposer sun- the ultimate source of energy in an ecosystem producer- energy foundation of the ecosystem
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