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Basic Protocol of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,

No description

Parker Gilkesson

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Basic Protocol of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,

Basic Protocol of
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated

Table of Contents
Soror Code of Ethics
Provides general guidelines of expected conduct for all Sorors

Preserves and protects our Sorority

All Sorors MUST be familiar with the Soror Code of Ethics

Know where to find the Soror Code of Ethics for reference purposes
"Polishing Our Pearls"
Introduction of Dais
1. Introduce Guest and Participants
“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to introduce our very special guests and program participants.”
“Please acknowledge members of the Directorate and Former Directorate members.”

2. Introduce in Ascending order
Chapter Basileus – At Chapter Functions
Regional Director – At Regional Functions
Supreme Basileus – At International Functions
End with presiding officer
At Public Event: Mrs. Kathy A. Walker-Steele, Central Regional Director,
At Sorority Event: Soror Kathy A. Walker Steele, Central Regional Director
"Please stand and welcome our Central Regional Director, Soror Kathy A. Walker-Steele"

3. Introduce Former Supreme Basilei and Regional Directors
We are to stand when the Supreme Basileus and Former Supreme Basilei enter a room and are being introduced
We are to stand when the Regional Director and Former Regional Directors enter the room at a Regional, Chapter or Cluster level event
At Sorority Event: 28th Supreme Basileus, Soror Carolyn House Stewart
Public Event: 28th International President, Mrs. Carolyn House Stewart
Introduce furthest to most recent

Introduction of Self
"Soror Cynthia Gilkesson
Hodegos, Nu Pi Omega Chapter
Peoria, Illinois"

"Soror Parker Gilkesson
Alpha Chapter
Howard University
Washington, DC"
Non-Greek titles should be spoken and written in
official public documents and settings
• President — Basileus
• Vice President — Anti-Basileus
• Secretary — Grammateus
• Corresponding Secretary — Epistoleus
• Financial Secretary — Pecunious Grammateus
• Treasurer — Tamiouchos
• Greeter or Hostess — Hodegos
• Keeper of the Door — Philacter
Public Documents and Settings
Holding seats at any AKA event, Plenary Session, Regional Conference, Gala is unacceptable
Recommended that the Chapter Protocol Chairman reviews all chapter correspondence, printed programs, flyers, etc. before submitted to the chapter Basileus
Do not electronically transmit sorority business and recordings during closed Sorority events and business sessions
Event Planning
Social Media Conduct
Never forward official email messages which contain confidential Sorority and Chapter Business
Always use discretion when using social media Facebook, Twitter or Blogs that are forums open to the public
Refer to the 2013 Social Media Policy as a guide for using electronic media
Disposal of Alpha Kappa Alpha Materials
The following should be shredded or burned for
permanent and proper disposal to avoid improper use or to prevent use by non members:
Constitution and Bylaws
Manual of Standard Procedure
International, Regional, and Chapter Directories
Any Publication of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® with private or confidential information
Sitting Pretty: AKA Table Etiquette
At the end of dinner, leave the napkin tidily on the place setting

When asked to pass the salt, pass both the salt and pepper

NEVER start eating before everyone at your table has their plate

It is not generally regarded as good dinner table etiquette to use one's bread for dipping into soups or mopping up sauces

Talking with one's mouth full is not only unpleasant to watch, but could also lead to choking! Definitely not a good idea!

Don't stretch across the table crossing other guests to reach food, wine or condiments. Instead ask a guest sitting close to pass the item to you
Simple Rules
Formal Table Setting
Appropriate Attire
Chapter Meetings
Generally business attire
The Chapter Basileus or Event Chairman should communicate attire for all chapter events

Rituals, Membership Intake, Chapter Chartering, Induction of Honorary Members and Ivy Beyond the Wall Ceremony
Wear conservative, seasonal white dress or skirt suit
No pants

Installation of officers (Boule and Chapter)
Business attire should be worn
Specific attire is requested by Supreme Basileus or Chapter Basileus

Diamond Soror, Golden Soror, Silver Soror Induction
Attire should be specified prior to event an or on invitation
Attire should be appropriate for occasion

Founder's Day Observance and Rededication Ceremony
Attire should follow local custom
Attire should be specified on invitation

Rush or Public Events
Pink and Green Attire
What to Wear to...
You are ALWAYS wearing your Letters
Appropriate informal attire

Indicates membership in the organization

Non-members should never wear AKA paraphernalia

Must not be worn sitting at a bar or drinking alcohol

Refrain from using foul or profane language while paraphernalia is worn

Should be worn clean and neatly

Once you are a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. you represent us at all times, even without your

Carry yourself as if you have your colors and letters on at all times
Effective Immediately!
Soror Code of Conduct
"Polishing our Pearls"
Sitting Pretty
Social Media Conduct
Disposal of Alpha Kappa Alpha Materials
Appropriate Attire
Effective Immediately
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