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The Industries of Victoria, B.C.

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cole mcnee

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of The Industries of Victoria, B.C.

The Industries of Vancouver, B.C. There are lots of different industries in Vancouver Forestry:
Forestry is the largest industry in Vancouver.
There are many different jobs available for the people of B.C.
Forestry is a primary industry, and is a basic job because it brigs income to the city and aids the people in it. Fishing:
Fishing is the second largest industry in Vancouver. It provides food for the people and money for the city and also the fisher man
Fishing is also a primary industry and is a basic job. Film Industry:
Also known as "Hollywood North", Vancouver
is the 3rd largest filming city in the world.
Big time movies such as Xmen: First class was filmed there.
It is a Tertiary industry and non-basic. Though it does not produce not for the city, it does create joy for the people of Vancouver. Behind the scenes of
Xmen: First Class in
Vancouver B.C. Teacher:
Teaching is a tertiary industry but is a very important
to Vancouver. Without teachers the children would get no knowledge and all the jobs in the city will never be filled. It is also a non-basic job. Mining:
Mining is a Primary industry because it brings new money into Vancouver. The money it creates is then used to make the city better and also to make goods like necklaces and watches. It is also a basic job. Medical:
Medical is a Tertiary industry because it doesn't bring money to the city, it is also free health care which is another reason its tertiary. It is a non-basic job. Shopping:
Like a lot of cities Vancouver has big shopping centers,
although its not an essential part of living, peple buy these consumer goods for joy. Shopping centers provide many Non-Basic jobs and is a tertiary industry because instead of helping the city when it makes money, it uses it to male its industry richer and larger. Tourism:
coastal cities like Vancouver use this to their advantage,
they have boat tours bus tours, well acctuallly they just got all types of tours. Many companies hire guides who then lead the tourists around, making the companies lots of money. Skiing:
As you probably know from the 2010 olympic games,
there is some nice ski resorts. There are many jobs in this industry be it a receptionist at the front counter, sji patrol, an instructor, lift operator etc.. This creates many non-basic and tertiary jobs. Grocers:
This industry makes tons of money each day, they sell us food which is necessary to live and then they use that money to expand and buy more food for you... This provides non-basic tertiary jobs bringing new money into the company is the only way of maintaining it. THE END
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