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Youth Empowered in the Struggle

No description

Gabriel Coronado

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Youth Empowered in the Struggle

Youth Empowered
in the Struggle YES @ UWP
Y.E.S.educates workers about their employment rights and organizes to protect and improve
the quality of life for low-wage and immigrant workers.
Y.E.S. promotes grass roots leadership
and community and workplace organizing as a strategy to achieve our ends. Mission Gabriel Coronado-President
Annalee Sepanski- Secretary
Samantha Altamirano and Armani Peterson- Media Coordinators Internal
Sandra Gomez- Media Coordinator External

Current Openings
Internal Affairs Coordinator
Media Coordinator External Current E-Board Advisor Upcoming Events Where does membership $ go?
The membership $ goes to the Voces Headquarters where these fees tend to cover things like busing to actions, promotions, dreamer drives, DACA Applications, and lawyers. Membership
FAQ's Don't Just Dream...Act! Why Pay?
Benefits are givenat which you receive many great discounts including free busing Speakout Event with OMSA
Christine Neuman Ortiz
Speak about the importance about the
Latino Vote and the impact at which the Latino Vote
will make an impact in the upcoming Election DACA Biometrics Section
Many people are in the next process at which people
now get their fingerprints done and set for their successful run on DACA, plan on having an attorney explain this part of the process Dreamact workshop
What is the dreamact and why it's vital for undocumented immigrants on the passage of it What ideas do you have that will you see succeed in the fight...for the right? Congrats!!! Alfredo Sandoval Flores Jose Antonio Vargas Pulitzer Prize Award Winning Journalist Give a voice to the voiceless Voting gives the voter the satisfaction of knowing they have voiced their
opinion and played a role in shaping government and policy.
It is the expressive power of voting for or against a candidate,
an issue or the direction of government. VOTING!!!! Be grateful for the opportunities you have as well Thank You all for coming out!!!
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