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Tweeting, Posting, Liking, Commenting, Pinning and Tagging: Recruiting 21st Century Students in a Digital World

Social media practices, uses and ideas for communicating and recruiting prospective students to your institutions.

Shane Hoon

on 27 September 2015

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Transcript of Tweeting, Posting, Liking, Commenting, Pinning and Tagging: Recruiting 21st Century Students in a Digital World

; Recruiting 21st Century Students through Social Media

Who is your audience?
What do you want to tell them?
How are they most likely to learn and engage?
How can you become a part of their world!
Why use social media for recruiting and communicating with prospective students?
Every day there are more and more social media outlets, tools and platforms. So where do I start, what's out there, what do they do, and which should I be using?
This presentation will examine the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of effectively using and utilizing social media to communicate, recruit, and engage with prospective students.
The question of why?

o Knowing your audience
o Offering them an outlet or platform that they recognize and most importantly, can engage with
o Building a network, while still maintaining your brand/identity
o Creating a community for prospective and current students and alumni.
Who should be active, participating and contributing?

o Everyone!
o Utilize your current students as voices to promote your program/institution - international students, student leaders, groups, student ambassadors, etc.
o Faculty members, admissions counselors, department staff can all have a professional account where they can communicate with prospective students and answer questions
What should you do with and on these sites? What is of interest to prospective students and how do you attract them? What are they looking for?

o Informing prospective students of events, visits, campus activities, key dates, important reminders, etc.
o Maintaining communication and outreach
o Networking with others in the field and resources
o Utilizing links, making connections
o Engaging with students, allowing for participation, establish an inspiring community
My schedule is already so busy, when do I have the time? When should I be participating?

o Finding the time, pre-schedule – utilizing Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and others.
o Maintain a schedule that works for you
o Times of year when students would be most interested
o Having a presence and contributing content, Consistency! Remember though, Less is More!
o Measure and quantify the impact of your content - analytics
How should you effectively use these tools and sites?

o Informational videos (YouTube)
o As reminders and for updates
o In groups, at recruiting sessions, alumni panels, events, orientation, commencement, etc.
o Webcasts – Webinars
o Online streaming and advertising of events
o Highlighting student and faculty work, university accomplishments
o Updated news items, related items, (but keep fresh and engaging!!)
Establish a mission or goal for recruiting through social media
Develop strategies and value-added ways for reciprocated exchange, this should be a MEANS for communication
Maintain an authentic “voice", and brand for your institution
Managing social media is a continuing education process
Quantity versus Quality with regards to content
Develop a presence and maintain activity
Collaborate and support other outlets, groups, departments and programs
Experiment with content, see what works for you!
Measure success - GET FEEDBACK!
Personal vs. Professional
Capture and KEEP interest, be attentive, aware of posts, re-appropriate materials, short&sweet, use visuals.
Stay Current!
Guidelines and Rules of Thumb -
Questions, Comments, Thoughts or ideas?
Shane Hoon
Director of Admissions and Communications
Communication, Culture and Technology (CCT) M.A. Program
Georgetown University
Thank you and good luck!
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