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About PTF “Biurometa”

No description

Nuotolines Studijos

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of About PTF “Biurometa”

Standard room with sea view
Economic room
President apartment with sea view
It has:
“Biurometa hotel”
Thursday, April 20, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
PTF “Biurometa” type of activity
About PTF “Biurometa”
This room features:
The founder of PTF “Biurometa” is Lithuania business university of applied sciences.
Practice training firm was created in 2005 years, September 22.
Registered at Simulith centre.
Our trainer is Rasa Romerytė-Šereikienė.

We selling business gifts.
This firm activity very close to real businesses. There are 3 typical sections: personal department, sales – marketing, finance.
2012, 2013, 2015 awards of International practice enterprise trade fair in Lithuania

3 spacious rooms.
Kids and parents room have tv.
Each room is connected to bathroom with either shower or bath.
Has two minibars.

A safe storage box.
Free wifi.
Leather furniture.
A big panoramic window to view the scenery.
Fully stocked bathroom with either shower or bathtub.

It has:
You can view the beautiful scenery of the city and surrounding eviroment
Has mini bar, HDTV, free wifi, bathrobe and fully stocked bathroom for your hygiene needs.
Family of four members can live in this room, as there is enough space to fit two extra beds.

Red wood furniture.
Leather sofas.
Panoramic room
You can choose either from 2 rooms and bedroom.
Or three rooms 2 bathrooms with Jacuzzi.

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences (LBUAS)
Turgaus st. 21, 304 a.
LT-91249, Klaipeda.
Tel / fax.: 8 (46) 31-43-20
Email: vpmfbiurometa@gmail.com;
Company code: 155555746
Account number: LT16 1000 1000 12345074
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