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Curtis- No Place To Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Curtis- No Place To Call Home

chapter 3
Frankie gets on the train and she stops and thinks about being a hobo and she trades her ticket in for $52.76 dollars and she gets in a cab then she jumps out of the cab and runs for, four blocks.
chapter 4
Frankie left and said good bye to Junis, Bridget, Mary, Mrs. Baily,and Gordon.
chapter 1
In chapter one Frankie's daddy killed himself.
No place to call home
Frankie's family went bankrupt. so the bank to everything except for their personal belongings.
chapter two
what was really suprising is that it was onley ten dollars to get her a cab, train, and some extra money.
she goes to the Pennsylvania freight yard and spend about a day there. she got caught walking around by a guard.But before this she cuts off her hair
chapter 5
frankie meets another hobo and they jump on a train and they go to another frieght yard.
chapter 6
They both wake up and the hobo thinks that Frankie is a boy and the hobo gave a nick name as Frankie Blue.
chapter 7
The hobo stewpot and frankie go take a bath and then they leave the frieght yard and meet three boys and two girls that are hobos also.
chapter 8
In chapter eight frankie and stewpot saw that blink wanted to go to california. But stewpot told him abunch of bad news about it. Like there were no jobs that people wanted to give him.
chapter nine
the hoboes had to gather food for dinner or they wouldn't eat.but they got a bag of a day old donuts a chicken and carrots
chapter 10
In chapter 10 frankie woke up and could'nt find her bag some of the hobos were gone and they stole all of the valuable objects
chapter 11
Frankie and Stewpot had to flip the train whitch means to jump on the train.
chapter 12
when Frankie and Stewpot is the train they found a refer which is a cart that is like a refrigerator with oranges,
apples, and other fruit.
chapter 13- 15

when Frankie and Stewpot were on the train. They made a plan of where to go. They were in pittsburgh then from there they would go to chicago,st louie,san francisco and then work from there.
chapters 16 - 18
in these chapters stewpot and frankie now have to jump off the train before they get to the ship yard so they dont get caught by the cops
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