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The Globe Theater

No description

Emily Anderson

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of The Globe Theater

The Globe Theater
The Builders: Burbage
Where? neighborrhood called bankside (south shore of Thomas River)
had plenty of land
they saved $ by using old materials from old theatres
Allen vs Burbage
Brends Property
Peter Streete
Here is an idea of the modern day Globe theatre...
6 months for structure
front stage constructure
approximately 40 feet wide and 30 feet deep
actors play area was 1,200 square feet
stage was raised 5.5 to 6 feet
18 inch rail
the heavens
the hut
the tiring house
thatched roof
fire hazard
natural lightening
no toilets
the lords room
the yard
the gallery
globe box office


(NEN Gallery)
Fun Facts

The Globe Theatre
By: Emily Anderson
Madison Leitzell
Brianna Polites
Savannah Barge
1. Women were not allowed to perform
men had to dress up as the women and wear a ton of make-up.
deaths high lead content in the make up.

2. The motto "Totus mundus agit histrionem" ( the whole world is a playhouse ).
William Shakespeare play As You Like It - "All the world’s a stage"

3. Colour coding was used to advertise the type of play to be performed -
a black flag meant a tragedy , white a comedy and red a history.

Had to stand for hours of time when watching plays
Society viewed it improper for women to appear on stage
Stage was often bare, with no elaborate painted sets
audience was expected to use their imagination
Most of the time the first scene of the play was to engage the conversation of the play
However in the hamlet the ghost of the titles characters appears on the battlements of the castle.
(William Shakespeare: An introduction)
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(Old Globe Theatre Structure)

actors were expected to perform their own stunts,
fall convincingly.(Globe Theatre Actors Para 2)

Skills of Globe Theatre Actors
Who were the Lord Chamberlain Men?
Rehearsals of the Globe Theatre Actors
They were a group of actors
They changed their names to the Kings after they became successful
The acting company moved into the Glob theatre in 1599
Shakespeare invested into the Lord Chamberlains Acting company
produce “eleven performances of ten different plays” in just two weeks.
Actors get their lines
Parts were often only on the day of the performance, Sometimes the actors didn't even get any lines. (Globe theatre Actors para 3)
Income of The Globe Theatre Actors
The salaries varied according to their position. (Globe Theatre actors 4)
Globe Theatre plays
Attracted alot of people to the theatre
no copyright laws.
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built in 1599 using timber from an old theater
It was bulit by James Burbage
burned down in the past, during a performance of Henry VIII, 1613
closed down by the Puitans in 1642
Burbage obtained a lease to build "The Theater," the puritan owner disspaproved of the theater then came along "The Globe Theater" with a new lease
(The Old Globe Theater History para 1,2)
William Shakespeare was a shareholder, he owned 12.5% of the Globe Theater
When it was built, the constructors built it in a circular fashion
it was instantly popular, and built near where The Theater was
**Specific design is still unclear to this day.
Streete designed it as a polygon
Soil was soft
Foundation: long, thick oak timbers
Walls: Wattle-and-daub
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