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No description

Samony Riyaz

on 17 January 2016

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Transcript of NUMBER SENSE

Teachers working collaboratively to reach
80% of division goal in Numeracy
Number Sense
1. Coming to the Question
- Existing Data
- Curriculum influence
- New Assessment Process
- Outcome based learning
3. Critical Inquiry
- What do other people say?
- Current research
- Base Line Data Using Key Math Essentials
- Outcome Base Learning
- Interventions based on Key Math Essentials
- Current Research
- By the end of June 2015, K-6 will be reaching 70% on their numeracy Goal.

- Collect Pre and Post data
7. Collect Artifacts to Document learning
- Items from action plan
- Items related to smart goals
- Graphs of student achievement pre and post data.
- Student self- evaluation based on project rubric
- Student exemplare
- Show that every student grew In their abilities.
2. Pose Essential Questions
with Student Focus
- Generate questions raised
from information
- Explore assumptions,
- Interventions
5. Develop Action Plan
- What will teachers do to increase personal knowledge capacity
- What will teachers do for the students?
9. Reflective Summary
- References portfolio artifacts to describe accomplishments, discuss student performance, suggest ideas for future learning shared with administrator/school team
Thank You &
Have Fun!!!
Rehana Sultana & Blain Hilbig
4. Articulate SMART GOAL
- Specific
- Measurable
- Achievable with resources
- Result oriented
- Time bound
- Student Focused Goal
6. Implement Action Plan
- Follow time lines of plan
- Collect data
- Respond to student/teacher needs as plan unfolds
8. Create Portfolio
- Choose artifacts to show personal learning related to SMART goal and essential question.
- Choose artifacts that reflect student learning related to SMART goal and essential question.
Using Data, Peer Mentoring, and interventions to improve Student Learning
The Key Math ER is clearly intended to be used as a Tier 2 intervention program; a brief supplement to regular classroom instruction
The materials consist of two flipbook lesson displays and a CD with practice worksheets and assessments.
Many of the lessons require materials that would be present in most elementary math classrooms; colored cubes, base-10 blocks, etc...
In the Diagnostic Assessment and essential Resources, the creators of Key Math have developed a beautifully aligned set of tools for educators.
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