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Hosa Presentation 1

Introduction to AMCHS Hosa

Austin Beltrand

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Hosa Presentation 1

Thursday, September 4th Consol Hosa Board What's Hosa? Blood Drive Light the Night Movie Night GAME
TIME - 25 dollars
- why?
- financial aid
- point sheets (pass out)
- sign-in / sign out
- incentives Dues and
Point Sheets choosing, mock judging, study sessions
dress code, length, food
nationals Competitions 2011-2012 Hosa Pictures!!! Thanks for coming! Ajourn President
Austin Beltrand Vice President
Ronak Mukadam Treasurer
Mishaal Lalani Historian
Rebecca Stark Secretary
Arena Ali Reporter
Nahrin Majid Sponsors
Dr. Aucoin
Mrs. Garza Shirts Major Events -> Questions
or Ideas? - design
- 3 dollars or plain white t-shirt
- by Mon Sep 17th
- mandatory for competitions
- tie dying after next
meeting Tie Dye! www.consolhosa.wordpress.com Website & FB For who?
Why should you join?
What do we do? CSHS Hosa SIGN UP! MD Shadowing LTC Visits next thur after school
adopt a grand-
parent awarded to those with most merit
dr. stuaffer, cardiology
other departements soon folding@home 3 points ronald mcdonald foundation 1 point per 10 tabs 3 points per meeting, 5 w/ shirt
1 pnts per fb repost, max of 10 reposts
6 pnts per spoons meeting
1 point per 2 photos, max of 20 photos which movie?
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