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Found Object Sculpture

No description

Mary Beth Griggs

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Found Object Sculpture

to learn about Pablo Picasso and some of his works
to alter the context of an object and give it a new meaning
Pablo Picasso
(1881 - 1973)
Pablo Picasso was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.
He was the creator of cubism (along with Georges Braque).
Picasso was a Spanish painter, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, and sculptor.
Found Object Sculpture:
In the round-
a free-standing sculpture that is meant to be viewed on all sides, and is surrounded entirely by space
a sculpture that is made out of objects that have been created for a purpose other than art (typically household items)
Gather old or unused items from a thrift store, your house, shed, trashcan, or wherever.
(Bring Your Own Items!!!)
Paint it!!!!!!
You can paint all of it, or just part of it; this is YOUR project, not Picasso's, so make it your own.
Be Creative!!!
"Bulls Head" (1942)
Pablo Picasso
Mixed Media
You should use at least 4 items.
...or they can be small, adorable, and fairly simple.
Found object sculptures can be large and complicated...
"Baboon and Young" (1951)
Pablo Picasso
Mixed Media
to use found objects to create a sculpture that's "in the round"
Assemble them however you want! Hold the items together with hot glue, modpodge, or another kind of adhesive.
(If you do use glitter, consider using it in its glue state to save a few messes.)
(P.S.- The word "paint" here is used loosely. At least one other medium should be used, such as marker, pen, paper, or glitter.
By Mary Beth Griggs and Katy Horton
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