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March Monthly Reflection

8th Grade Project

Jennifer T

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of March Monthly Reflection

March Monthly Reflection
Progress This Month
Goals For Next Month
Works Cited
This month, my mentor and I were able to meet one time. I asked her how I could keep my bow in between the fingerboard and the bridge. Doing it this way can help me achieve the best sound and ring possible. She told me to record myself playing normally, and then watch the video to see where the problem is. I have to try to get this down as soon as possible because the solo ensemble festival is coming up. I can get a better score from the judge if I bow in between the bridge and fingerboard. We also talked about what I was going to do for the end of the year. I plan to memorize several songs to play for the end of the year. Last of all, I want to score at least a two on a scale of 1 to 5 at the solo ensemble festival. One is the best, and 5 is the worst. If I do get a 1 or 2, then I'll receive a pin that
will be presented at the next orchestra concert.
I was able to practice a lot on my vibrato this month. Now, I can do vibrato on quarter and some eighth notes too. This way, I can play vibrato in more pieces of music. I've also memorized the song Tam Lyn. This month, we also received 2 new pieces of music. I was able to play them well and sightread them well the first time we got it. Sight reading is when you play a piece you never seen before, and do it as perfect as possible in a certain amount of time. Shifting is another task I worked on this month. I haven't learned any new positions yet because I still have to get familiar with the 2 new ones I learned last month. Last of all, I progressed more on double stops. It's hard because you have to put fingers down on both strings, and get used to the spacing between
your fingers and all of the strings.
I'm playing a song called I'm Shipping Up To Boston. It's a St. Patrick's Day themed song.
1st Part 2nd Part
This is me playing a section of Celtic Overture.
Warning: Please Be patient while videos load. Thank You!

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Rino, Barbara. Personal Interview. 15 Mar. 2014.

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Next month, I plan to work on shifting into second position. If
I keep doing so consistently, then I can start to read the notes on my own without putting in the numbers. I start off by putting in the numbers because they're like training wheels on a bike. Once I can do it on my own, I don't need them to boost me anymore. I also plan to practice a lot on my Vivaldi piece. I want to pay close attention to the details such as articulations, dynamics, accidentals, and style. These things will help me get a higher score at the solo ensemble festival. The judges will pay close attention to these things as well. Last of all, I plan to memorize several other pieces so that I can play
them for my final project at the end of the
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