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who killed Reconstruction.

No description

Emily Rushng

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of who killed Reconstruction.

the south killed reconstruction with their violence, and unwillingness to change .
the south fought people who wanted to end slavory.they wanted slaves again.

the south sucks for ruining every thing.

P---kkk- mainly in the south and wanted blacks to stay as virtually nothing .they scared the blacks from voting and hated whites who supported them.they would beat and hang any one they dusapproved of scallywags and carpet baggers would gosouth from the north to help the freedmen,
the south fought reconstruction becaouse they still wanted slaves. they were going back to their old ways

E--- in document B-harper's weekly,october 21,1876 -shows theKKK stoping a black man from votion by holding a gun to his head.

P---the fact that problems and violence got so bad in the southmade people less passionate about the cause. when you think''hmm which would i rather have'' ? it gets harder and harder to put your lifein danger just for another man that you don't even know. especially when newspapers start to make blacks sound unworthy of such a cause
who killed Reconstruction.
background --- African Americans were slaves. after the civil warthey earned the right tobe freemen.
north :although being racest-they were the softer side
south-held hard tp their ways, many people -carpetbager,scallywags,-went north -
the 13 ended slavory
the 14 amendment gave every race the right to vote
the 15 gave blacks civil rights
my main thesis--- how the north ruined reconstruction---the last hope and dream for african americans everywhere

Freedmen ---african aqmerican slaves who were free from slavery during and after the civil war.
Carpetbaggers---Northerners who went south after the civil war to help freedmen and reconstruction.
scalawags southern whites who supported carpet baggers and freedmen.
radical republicans---northern republican congressmen who supported african american citizenship and punishment for former confederates
Ku Klux Klan (KKK)---A white supermacist group that opposed reconstruction and rights for freedmen.
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