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Graphic Design Profolio

Class Project For Grade

Victor Tran

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Graphic Design Profolio

The Journey Through the
Art of

What is Graphic Design?
Graphic Design is the
process of organizing
and composing words
and images to create
a message.
Graphic Design is
What do Graphic Designers do?
What is the
Graphic Design process?
1. Client Meeting.
4.Layout and Design
5. Presentation and Revising
6. Approval and Finalizing
The Elements of Design
1. Line
2. Shape and Form
3, Value
4. Color
5. Space
6. Texture
The Principles of Design
1. Balance
2. Unity
3. Contrast
4. Emphasis
5. Pattern
6. Movement and Rhythm
Always avoid

Vector Graphics use a series of points
and lines to describe an image that is
resolution-independent, so the graphic
can be scaled up or down with NO
loss of quality. It is perfect for type,
logos, and bold illustrations, Vector
Graphics should be created in Adobe Illustrator.
During the course of six weeks, my
class and I had learned to use Adobe
Illustrator to do a variety of tutorials
and projects.
The following is my collection of work
that I have completed while using Adobe Illustrator.
Illustrator Lessons-Using the Pen Tool
Illustrator Tutorial Lesson 1
Illustrator Tutorial Lesson 3
Illustrator Tutorial Lesson 4

Bitmap, or raster images are created using colored blocks or pixels, subtle shifts in tone, color and detail are possible, which makes them perfect for photographs. These images are usually created while using Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop Tutorial Lesson 1
Photoshop Tutorial Lesson 2
Photoshop Tutorial Lesson 3
Photoshop Tutorial Lesson 4

InDesign Tutorial Lesson 1
InDesign Tutorial Lesson 2
InDesign Magazine Project
Illustrator Logo Project
Illustrator Car Designs
Illustrator Alien Designs
Photoshop Photo Displacement
Illustrator Typography
Photoshop Tutorial Lesson 5
Photoshop Tutorial Lesson 6
Photoshop Cartoon Person
Photoshop Happy World Brochure
Photoshop Food Brochure
The History of the Poster
What I did and
learned in ROP
Class Photo!
Resume for Class
Artist Statement....
Never give up on your goals, try to
perservere and the outcome will
have many rewards for you. I can
say that everyone in this class has
reached their goals by doing their
By Victor Tran
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